Travel blog election 2016

It’s January 2017 and wow The Traveling Vegetarian is now officially nominated for the 2017 World’s Favourite Travel Blogger Travel Award! Now we need your help to actually win the award. After all, the blog/website with the most votes wins! I would be super nice, sweet, fine, wonderful, fantastic if you would vote for us. You get eternal gratitude.

How do you vote?

You can do so by posting a comment on the page (link is later in this story) saying that you are voting for The Traveling Vegetarian . Before you do, you do (unfortunately) have to create an account 😉 What do you get in return? My eternal gratitude of course! And you also have a chance to win a worldly wall decal.

Ok, here it comes:

It’s a bit cumbersome….but perseverance wins! Go to: the website of Wereldwijzer

  1. Best to create an account first. At the top right is the word register. Click that one. Once you’ve entered everything (you really don’t have to enter everything; just account name, password, e-mail address, the security word – often nine or seven and your age ) , you’ll get a confirmation e-mail. Here is a link to click.
  2. Click that one and if all goes well, you will now return to the website and you are now logged in with an active account. It may say very large in red letters that you need to complete your profile. But you don’t have to. You do not need to further supplement your account. May of course!
  3. Then go to the page where you started and at the top is the brown ‘+react’ button.
  4. Click on those and then you can tell what you are voting for at the bottom :). Click on the ‘respond quickly’ button
  5. Done! 🙂
  6. Please vote as soon as possible! In any case, by March 1, 2017.

My gratitude is heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!


November 2016

Yay! We are participating in’s 2017 Travel Blog Election. Super fun! Read our entry. The 2017 Travel Blog Election organizes this contest for anyone who has a blog, instagram or video blog. For years, I (Danique) have been visiting Wereldwijzer so I didn’t have to think twice about joining. Good luck everyone!


In the mean time….

November 2016
We are in currently in the south of Spain. Where it is currently raining just as hard as in Holland. In Spain during our road trip, we are looking for vega restaurants or places where you eat well as a vegetarian and vegan tapas. And of course enjoy the sun and warmth as well. Because this rainstorm is the first in almost 4 weeks :). We also practice speaking Spanish. What a wonderful language!

So if you want to read all the tips about traveling in Spain as a vegetarian and vegan soon, keep following us! The blogs will come online during the month.

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