Where can you eat vegan in Porto?

Our recommendations if you want to eat vegan or vegetarian in Porto

Living like a digital nomad in Porto naturally also calls for occasional exploration of nice vegan friendly restaurants. Did we? Yes, of course! Even though we also really like to cook our own food (because that way we know exactly what goes into it).

There wasn’t a whole lot of vegan offerings in Porto itself. But, don’t get me wrong, you are definitely not starving 😉 ! What I noticed is that there were relatively many places where they work with a buffet. And Sander doesn’t like that very much. Something about “feeling like an all-inclusive hotel. So buffets we did not visit. Standing in line with your plate still has something “cheap,” but this is personal. There is nothing wrong with a buffet en sich. So if you like that, please do visit!

We do have two undisputed favorites in Porto: Em Carne Viva and Essencia.

Vegan food in Porto #1: Restaurant Em Carne Viva

I miss that kind of restaurant in Rotterdam. A restaurant where you can eat out really bit fancy, but vegan! Not the entire menu is vegan, but no meat or fish is used in the dishes. So everything is at least vegetarian and there are plenty of vegan options. The decor is classic but with a little twist. There is also a nice outdoor dining area, when we were there, it only cooled down too much in the evening to sit outside relaxing.

The service is professional and very friendly. I ended up eating here three times. With girlfriends and then twice with Sander. They also have menu del dia here!


Av. da Boavista 868
4100-421 Porto



Vegan food in Porto #2: Restaurant Essencia

When I went for a jog with one of my girlfriends (yes, I jogged there…hill up hill down…pooh! Haha) we walked past Essencia. Looked nice from the outside so we decided we wanted to eat here with our friends as soon as they were there. And so said, so done. My friend almost always eats vegetarian; her boyfriend is a flexitarian. So they were also curious about Essencia.

Essencia was once all vegetarian with vegan options, but as you often hear, they eventually added meat and fish back on the menu. Fortunately, none of us took meat and we all ate one dish after vegetarian/vegan. Sander and I, of course, vegan.

The food was of good quality, full of flavor and the service very friendly and they were happy to chat. It seemed very quiet when we entered, but after an hour it was packed! Good thing we had reservations. You can easily do this through The Fork. There is also an outdoor area but we did not see it because it was already dark when we arrived. Highly recommended to eat vegan here in Porto.


Rua Pedro Hispano 1196
4250-368 Porto

Coffee, lunch and work spots

Where else can you eat vegan in Porto? The following places are not suitable for a sumptuous dinner, but they are suitable for a nice coffee or to go to work for a while.

Casinha Boutique Cafe

And for coffee and simple lunch, I am a fan of Casinha Boutique Cafe on Av. Da Boavista. And especially sitting outside. SO nice there! In terms of lunch, they don’t have a lot of options for vegans, though they do for vegetarians. But you can ask them with some dishes to make it vegan. For example, there is a salad on the menu and it can easily be made vegan. You can also order a sandwich with humus there. The garden is just really nice and good to know, you could also work here.


Avenida da Boavista, nº 854


Quintal Bioshop

Do you also have to work occasionally? Then Quintal Bioshop is perfect. Vegan cakes, lunch and cappuccino. You can see the store as soon as you enter the building, and in the back is the “café” area. With space outside, plus good wifi connection for digital nomads. Also on the terrace. Yesss!

Rua do Rosário 177
4050-124 Porto



Want to know what you can do in Porto? We figured it out for you during our digital nomad trip to Porto.

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