Vegetarian restaurants in Fuerteventura

As a vegetarian, you also want to eat good food during your Fuerteventura vacation. During a previous stay in one of the Canary Islands, we did not find many vegetarian (or vega friendly) restaurants. So we had a hard head that Fuerteventura did have a great offer. Fortunately, we were not vindicated. While there are not vegetarian restaurants everywhere in Fuerteventura, there are plenty of choices. Perhaps there are other vegetarian restaurants in Fuerteventura where you can eat just fine as a vegetarian. If you know of any, we would love to hear your experience.


Vegetarian restaurants on Fuerteventura in Lajares, (North)

This village excels in organic, responsible and vegetarian food. So ideal for us vegetarians. In every restaurant we visited, there was much to plenty of choice on the menu. Our favorites in Fuerteventura at a glance:


Canela restaurant bar

Simple cafe/restaurant with many choices in this village in Fuerteventura. We were so surprised by the many vegetarian dishes that we opted for the falafel. Not very original, but how we felt about it! Service is friendly and at a reasonable pace.

Canele Cafe in Lajares

Maza restaurant

This small restaurant in the center of Lajares has a lovely sun terrace. Small but fine. Again, plenty of choice. Sander chose a baguette with greens (vegan!) and I chose a vegetarian lentil soup. Both good tasting at a great price. A good start for our vacation in Fuerteventura.


Return Bar-Restaurant

On one of our first nights in Fuerteventura, we ended up here. Delicious mix of a bar and cafe. Restaurant I wouldn’t call it. The pizza we ate was ok. However, they did have much more on the menu than pizza. From vegetarian noodles to many vegetarian tapas.





Here you can’t eat, but you can get vegetarian food. Tofu, vegetarian (spinach) burgers, vegetarian sausages and organic fruits and vegetables. You will also find beautiful handmade bags and jewelry and all kinds of art. Nice to walk in.

We didn’t see many stores on Fuerteventra like this one.


Vegetarian restaurants on Fuerteventura in Corralejo (Northwest)

Baobab, heaven on earth for the vegan

This is highly recommended! We were surprised to find such a vegan restaurant in Fuerteventura. This vegan spot sits far from the tourist crowds on the coast. On a square with other restaurants and eateries, this vegan restaurant stands out from the crowd. They serve delicious smooties with fruits and vegetables. Fresh and original salads and sandwiches that will make your mouth water. And also alcohol. Highly recommended.

Baobab vegan restaurant


H20 restaurant

We ended up not going in here. The menu itself looked promising. With plenty of vegetarian options. Did you happen to eat here when you were in Fuerteventura? Please let us know your experience.


Vegetarian restaurants on Fuerteventura in El Cotillo, (Northwest)

What a cute little village in Fuerteventura this is. Unfortunately, the choice in vegetarian restaurants here is a bit less. But luckily we found another nice place to eat!


Puerte Dulce

After wandering around a bit, we sat down at Puerto Dulce. An enthusiastic guy helped us get a menu and drinks. They have soy milk for the cappuccino and many vegetarian options. For example, hummus with carrots and toast with mozzarella and tomato. Besides good food, this vega-friendly restaurant anex lunch spot also treats you to sea views. So great place for lunch and/or a coffee. The vegan has a little less choice.

Peppers at Puerte Dulce

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