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Vegetarian food in Tehran can be eaten at several restaurants in the city. Iranians often eat vegetarian food indoors. On the contrary, when they go out to eat, they don’t. That made it difficult for us to eat well anywhere in Iran. In Isfahan, we lived mostly on falafel, for example. For Tehran, you do have some choice in vegetarian restaurants. And as a vegetarian, I’ve grown accustomed to returning to the same restaurants regularly, especially while traveling. Simply because then they offer the best vegetarian options.

Do you always perk up from a nice glass of beer or wine? Ai….Alcohol, by the way, is a no go in Iran. Sure, you can obtain it ‘illegally’ (which I don’t recommend), but in restaurants you have to make do with malt beer or beer flavored – yes really – with fruit. Or you might take dough. A kind of sour yogurt drink. I got the association with airag (fermented horse milk) , the national drink of Mongolia. For me, both were not really a success. But tastes differ so go ahead and taste!

vegetarian restaurant tehran
Hebris restaurant

Vegetarian food in Tehran at Hebris a fully vegetarian restaurant
Sander and I had just gone for a walk and asked people on the street where we could eat vegetarian food. A couple of Iranians very helpfully took us to a shisha bar. They thought we were in the mood for bong. And with that, some snacks. Now bong smoking was on our to do list for Iran, but not that night. So after a pleasant chat, we left the shisha bar. Looking for a real vegetarian restaurant. Eventually, on the recommendation of Iranians, we ended up at Hebris. Hebris is an all-vegetarian restaurant in Tehran.

They work with a kind of buffet. The food is displayed on the ground floor in a display case. You indicate what you want to eat to the staff behind the display case. Everything is vegetarian so that was a treat. We had a delicious plate full of food. Recommended.

Hebris vegetarian restaurant in Tehran


vegetarian restaurant tehran
Ananda restaurant

Vegetarian food in Tehran at Ananda’s place

What delicious vegetarian food in Tehran at this vegetarian restaurant say! This is our favorite restaurant I can say during our entire trip in Iran. The restaurant even serves sushi! And, of course, all vegetarian. The restaurant sits in northern Tehran. This is where the somewhat “richer” of Iran live, which is probably why this relatively more expensive restaurant sits here. In this restaurant, you also see the somewhat Western Iranians. And women were a little less strict about their headscarves. For example, one woman did not immediately panic when her headscarf slipped off. Indeed, she just left it there for a moment halfway on her head. After 5 minutes, she did him right again.

Ananda vegetarian restaurant Tehran


Iranshahr Theatre in Artistic park

On our first day in Tehran, we went in search of vegetarian food in Tehran. We immediately ran into someone at a lunch counter who was vegan. Wow, we didn’t expect that. Certainly not to encounter someone so soon who was not only vegetarian, but even vegan! He worked at the restaurant of the Iransahr theater in Artistic park. Here are many options for vegetarians. We were so bewildered that we took a delicious pasta and smoothie. Was fine food. It did take a long time to be served. Nice place in a park. Easy walk from the U.S. Embassy.

vegetarian food in tehran
Moslem restaurant

Moslem restaurant with vegetarian options in Tehran

In the middle of the Gran Bazaar, you’ll find this restaurant serving vegetarian food. It’s a little hard to find, but when you ask around you’ll get there in no time. It is a popular place to eat. All day long the place is packed. According to some sources on the Internet, they receive 4,000 customers daily. So it’s a bit of a wait. But that too is fun because Iranians like to chat. So waiting in line then is actually quite fun. Bring your book of farsi so you can explain that you are a vegetarian. The choice is not vast but mirza ghasemi and rice will get you a long way. They often do ‘kashk’ at the mirza ghasemi. A kind of white sauce. Try this typical Iranian sauce.

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