Restaurant Sofia: “Vegan as F*ck”

Restaurant Sofia. There are lots of them, and a city trip to Sofia is not successful if you do not eat good food. Hungry that I was, I went on a scavenger hunt in the Bulgarian capital. I was struck by the fact that there were quite a few choices for vegans. You can also go to many places for vegetarian food. One of the employees of the restaurants I visited also told me that in Bulgaria it is mostly meat eaters or completely anti-meat. Of course, this is one person’s opinion, but it is somewhat similar.

“There is a vegan restaurant you would like down there. They have amazing quiche, you should try it”.

On the street my then-friend was addressed, “There is a vegan restaurant you would like down there. They have amazing quiche, you should try it”. Somewhat surprised, we looked at each other. Huh? Why are we approached on the street to go to a vegan restaurant? Then I looked up again and laughed…. my ex had his Vegan As F*CK hat on. Yes, okay…there you have your answer.

As a vegetable lover, where can you eat good food at a restaurant Sofia? I list the tips.

Restaurant Sofia: our tips

1# Made in Home

restaurant sofia
restaurant sofia

Made in Home immediately gives a homey atmosphere where you immediately feel at ease. The menu is somewhat obscure, but there are many vegetarian and vegan options. The plates are nicely made up. There is no soy milk, so unfortunately no cappuccino. I took a very large salad. You get large portions, so value for money. Even the toilets are nice. Be careful when you are tall the ceiling is low.

Website Made In Home

2#Edo- Sushi & teppanyaki

restaurant sofia

A sushi restaurant that has an entire page dedicated to vegan sushi? I was genuinely surprised when I read this. I haven’t come across a page of vegan sushi before. Vega is, but vegan is not. So you guessed we were in our cups. There are several types of sushi to choose from and each sushi is a true work of art. In addition to the vegan sushi, you can also choose only with avocado (our favorite), cucumber or rettich. Of course there are noodles with vegetables, when you ask if they can make it vegan, chances are they can! Sorry our praise for this restaurant continues, because we haven’t even mentioned the interior. The tables are spacious and you are not on each other’s lips so you can hear exactly what they are talking about a table next to you (if you could understand Bulgarian). You get wine in a tall upright wine cooler that immediately makes you feel very pampered and luxurious. And the price? For 2 people hefty sushi, bottle of wine and bottle of water we spent 40 euros! Highly recommended!

Website Edo-Sushi

3# Mix of Figs

restaurant sofia
restaurant sofia

“You need to feel it from the inside before you change. But the world is becoming a better place. I see a lot more vegetarians and vegans.”

This all vegan restaurant sits on edge of downtown and is highly recommended for its friendly service alone. Asparuch (I don’t know how you write it, but that’s how it is phonetically) struck up a conversation with us and said very nicely, “You need to feel it from the inside before you change. But the world is becoming a better place. I see a lot more vegetarians and vegans.” The interior is fresh and clean, to us a tad unsociable. But when enough people are seated, this doesn’t bother you as much. You can choose from vegetable curry sausage and all sorts of other variations. Also, Mix of Figs has super tasty salads and special juices. Great for lunch!

Website Mix of Figs

4# Soma soul food

restaurant sofia
restaurant sofia
restaurant sofia

This place on the 5th floor is soothing and zen. The furniture is wood and gives a warm atmosphere. Before you enter the room, the staff requests that you take off your shoes. There is no need to fear cold feet, as there are nice slippers waiting for you. If you are not so comfortable, bring your own warm socks. I actually liked not having shoes on. This gives a homely atmosphere. The food was surprisingly good! Also, all but 1 to 2 dishes are vegan. Here you can enjoy a cappuccino with coconut milk. Had never had it before and I must say, it was very tasty! They also make their own vegan cheese. Now not every vegetable cheese is delicious, but the attempt at dry crumbly cheese turned out well! You also have a view of small part of the city. And in the summer, they have a rooftop terrace. Whiehoee…good vegan food with a beer. I’m in favor!

Update 2023: It’s unclear if Soma Soul Food still exists, but I did find another vegan restaurant: Soul Kitchen. One hundred percent vegan!

Website Soma soul food

5#Loving hut

restaurant sofia

Small but nice, we’ll call this Loving Hut. Sander was not yet familiar with the Loving Hut chain. Having been to Mongolia, I knew of the existence of Loving Hut. For atmosphere and conviviality, you don’t have to go here. Although it does have a certain atmosphere. Don’t expect a hipster bar or other hipster intentions. The food is good and service extremely friendly. Fine for quick lunch snack.

Website Loving Hut

6#Street bar & Co.

Here we were surprised by a waiter who could speak as many as 6 languages! Of which 4 were fluent. Wauwsie. I was immediately jealous. Man what a gift that is when you speak so many languages. In this bar Sander and I ended up after walking around all afternoon. Vitosha street is the shopping street in Sofia and it has several cafes. We chose Street Bar & Co because you could also have a cozy seat inside. It is a perfect place for a drink after a day of wandering around. They also have delicious cocktails there! Unfortunately not a lot of vegan food, but nuts to drink with. No restaurant Sofia but so for drinks!

Website Street Bar & Co.

7# Taj Mahal restaurant

restaurant sofia

An excellent restaurant Sofia for vegetarians. When you eat vegan, it’s a little tricky. But not impossible. Pappadums, for example, are vegan and avoid all creamy sauces. Ask for curries without paneer and ask if they fry without ghee. I am 100% vegan indoors, but sometimes vegetarian when traveling. Although then I don’t take paneer or creamy sauces at the Indian.

Website Taj Mahal


restaurant sofia

On a day trip from Sofia to Plovdiv, you’ll also want to eat good food. We ended up at Monkey House after wandering around a bit. Since you can only drink coffee here, on Monkey House’s recommendation we went on to Pavaj. Pavaj is 3 stumbles away from there. A fine and pleasant restaurant which has hipper seatings downstairs than upstairs. Service extremely friendly and polite. Thought along with vegan food. In the end, good vegan salad and homemade fries with Bulgarian sauce (also vegan!).
#Monkey House (coffee)
Nice hip coffee shop near Pavaj. Cozy for coffee or tea when you want to warm up. A nice change from restaurant Sofia 🙂