Kop van ‘t land: restaurant in Dordrecht

Vegetarian restaurant Kop van ‘t Land in Dordrecht we have known for years. More precisely, since 2010. But for some reason never visited. Stupid really: Dordrecht is a stone’s throw from Rotterdam and at Kop van ‘t Land, we now know from our own experience, you can eat super delicious food!

Why didn’t we stop by earlier? Good question. Probably because with delicious food we also like to drink fine wines. Since Kop van ‘t Land is not exactly centrally located (now we get the name), the car is a good mode of transportation to get there. And so then you can’t enjoy a wine pairing.

BOB wine package

Fortunately, we soon found out, they have a BOB wine package: half a glass of wine with each course. But, we wonder, if you choose a seven-course dinner, and you always get half a glass of wine with it, it’s not really responsible to drive a car anymore. You will have had 3.5 glasses of wine!

head-of-the-country main course

Quiet environment

Kop van ‘t Land is located in a wonderfully quiet area. The vegetarian restaurant is not large, but we like that very much. There is a nice atmosphere. Last but not least, the distance from the tables of the other guests is perfect.

Why didn’t we eat at Kop van ‘t land before?

We decided to go for the seven-course dinner, including a wine pairing. Many dishes surprised us and each one was delicious in taste, especially with the accompanying wine pairing. Why didn’t we eat here before? Sometimes we were curious about how something was prepared. Then chef Ewout Faase came to explain how he had done it. Super fun!



Our final verdict of vegetarian restaurant Kop van ‘t Land in Dordrecht? Fantastic! Only downside of our visit: we did not receive a glass of wine with each course, even though we paid for it. By the last two courses, they had apparently forgotten. But whether we will come back here again? Yes, of course! And then we don’t let seven years pass over that

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