Food hotspots in Málaga

During our road trip through southern Spain and my stay in Madrid, I naturally looked for good veg restaurants. So too when we were in Málaga. And we can tell you, there are some fine vegetarian restaurants in Málaga. You can’t pass this one up as a vegetarian. Tip: Almost always the menu del día is the best choice.

Must eat # 1 Cañadú restaurante vegetariano

This really is our favorite! You have a terrace here where you can eat great food, but it also looks cozy inside. We had the menu del día which was extensive and at a good price. If you are in Málaga, be sure to go here! Also suitable for vegans.



Must eat #2 El calafate vegetarian

We were very excited beforehand to eat here. We read good stories and were therefore there on time. By Spanish standards, that is. The service was extremely friendly and took time for you. Very nice! They also wanted to consider vegan dining preferences. But I think the best thing is to eat vegetarian here. Recommended when you don’t think the interior is very important. When you really go for the atmosphere, I like El Vegetariano de la Alcazabilla and Cañadú on the terrace better.


Must eat # 3 El Vegetariano de la Alcazabilla

This little restaurant is in a very touristy place. The food was a bit on the greasy side. Also, our dishes were not served at the same time, but the atmosphere made up for a lot. Nice entourage. Because of the tourist location, street musicians joined the tables several times. I personally like that a little less, but when you don’t give them so much attention, they go away by themselves :). There are plenty of vegan options at this restaurant.

vegetarian-restaurants-malaga-eating vegetarian-restaurants-malaga-eating

Tip #4 RawAttitude

During a morning walk, we also ran into RawAttitude. A cute little place that is great for a cappuccino with soy milk. Or a sumptuous lunch or breakfast. They have few spots outside, so you have to get lucky in terms of table outside. It also has a health food store attached. Here you can buy organic fruits, vegetables, meat substitutes and much more.
Calle Tomás Heredia, 19
29001 Málaga
Open: Mon – Fri 10:00 – 18:00