Elements Beach Bar ‘s Gravenzande

Elements Beach Bar: sun, sea, beach and good company. Plus: vegan bitterballs! What a delight. This hot spot has been on my list to review for a while. Why? Because it is a nice place where if you don’t feel like meat, fish or other animal products for a while you can just have a drink and eat. Without sitting all night chewing on bread with olive oil.

Elements Beach Bar sits on the beach in ‘s Gravenzande, in the Netherlands. And is easily accessible by car. Not so very convenient when you want to have drinks, by the way :). Fortunately, a bus also stops nearby if you want to have some alcoholic drinks.

Elements Beach Bar
Fine atmosphere at Elements Beach Bar

The feeling I had at Elements Beach Bar? It’s a little bit like being back in India or Thailand but on the beach in Holland. The vibe is relaxed, bit like the beaches in Thailand or as a friend of mine said, bit like Bali. Tip: If you walk through to the back, you can sit quietly in the evening. Romantically watching the sunset together, so to speak. Or when you just want quality time with girlfriends. When the weather is suddenly not so beach worthy, you can also sit inside just fine. The decor is retro mixed with a little bit of everything.


Elements Beach Bar

Elements Beach Bar

The (veg) food

Lucky me, I’ve been here several times and it’s a treat every time. Especially since everyone can eat something. Whether you eat vega, vegan or non-vega. Fine when you have a
mixed group are. We regularly took the drinks board, but it’s a bit expensive so these days we take the vegan bitterballen with a good salad on the side. Or bread with spreads.
Beer or wine there, nothing more to do. Just enjoy!

Elements Beach Bar

In short: Elements Beach Bar is the perfect spot in ‘s Gravenzande to enjoy the sun, sea, beach and vegan bitterballen. Let the sun shine baby!

Address: Slag Vlugtenburg 5, 2691 KT ‘s-Gravenzande
Website Elements Beach Bar

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