5 tips for feasting at vegetarian restaurants in Seville

Seville, the city of flamenco and warm, fine sunshine. Sander and I are fans! In total, we stayed in this city for 5 days during our
road trip
. And Sander even lived there for a few months several years ago. One of our favorite cities in Spain! Will you also go to Málaga, Madrid or sit back and relax on Fuerteventura? Then read our restaurant tips as well.

Fortunately, you won’t starve as a vegetarian or vegan in this city. Even in supermarkets like Aldi they have vegan and vegetarian products. That’s how I bought delicious veggie spread there!

Okay, we went back to research for you where to eat delicious vega(n). As a vegetarian, you can do just fine in Seville. As a vegan, you have it a little harder, but not impossible. A vegetarian restaurant in Seville can always be found somewhere.

Here our top 5 vegetarian restaurants Seville where you can also eat vegan.

Vegetarian restaurant Seville: 1.#Arte Y Sabor * also vegan available!

Just around the corner from us was this fantastic little restaurant. There is so much choice that you almost get choice stress. Just go eat here a few times I would say. That way you can try everything once! The atmosphere is relaxed and you can sit outside just fine. This is just great fun! Keep in mind that it is a popular spot, so arrive on time. Or reserve. Also vegan options.
Alameda de Hércules, 85 Sevilla

sevilla-vegetarian-restaurant-arteysabor vegetarian restaurant sevilla


Vegetarian restaurant Seville: 2 #Gusto * also vegan available!

Vegan options (deluxe) and more for vegetarians.
Wow! This will make you happy. This restaurant is on the tourist street, but when you’re upstairs, you don’t notice anything. Luxurious look and the plates perfectly prepared. The taste is unsurpassed and special. Nice if you want to eat out a little more fancy or have something to celebrate.


vegetarian restaurant sevilla vegetarian restaurant sevilla



Vegan restaurant Seville: 3. #Alamada rock

This mini-restaurant is inside a hostel. It seems like it’s not really a restaurant. This is the only completely vegan restaurant in Seville. Fine food, but – and we see this at several vegan restaurants – lots of meat substitutes. I don’t really need to eat a lot of meat substitutes. Especially good healthy meal with lots of vegetables I love. So, be sure to visit Alamada Rock sometime when in Seville, but don’t expect mountains of vegetables.

vegetarian restaurant sevilla vegetarian restaurant sevilla vegetarian restaurant sevilla
Vegan restaurant Seville: 4. #Vegans

In a mercado (market hall) you will find this vegan spot. They have delicious appetizers and pastries. Fine for a drink. Unfortunately, not open in the evening.

Vegan restaurant Seville: 5. #Cardamomo – vegan coffee and pastries

Just want to have a cup of coffee and read a newspaper? Cardamomo is the perfect place. They don’t have an outdoor terrace, but the owner is super friendly. And she definitely wants to help you with tips and fun things to do. She also doesn’t mind correcting your Spanish to Andalusian ;-).

Of course, there are lots of other tapas bars where you can eat. What can you always eat as a vegetarian?

  • espinacas con garbanzos
  • olives
  • patatas bravas
  • tortilla
  • paella con verduras

As a vegan, you always have to be careful. Especially with the sauces that come with the patatas bravas, for example. These are still sometimes made with egg. The tortilla and espinacas con garbanzos are also not suitable for vegans. In short; tapas restaurants are best avoided if you want to eat strictly vegan. Or settle for patatas bravas (without sauce), salad (with good olive oil), bread and olives. Can also be very tasty, if prepared correctly!


TIP: Rent an apartment with cooking facilities through Airbnb or Wimdu. And head to Aldi for vega(n) spreads! I found it amazing how much vega stuff they had at the Aldi downtown (Calle Gonzalo Bilbao, 20, 41003 Seville).