Tasty Apple Strudel recipe easy and quick

An apple strudel or apple strudel is always possible, yet it had been a long time since I made this. When I was planning to make a puff pastry pizza and accidentally brought along filo dough (yes, Spanish is still not always the best ;)) and so suddenly found myself with filo dough, it occurred to me: the perfect time for an apple strudel!

Did you know that the dough that makes apple strudel so deliciously crisp probably originated in Arab countries? It is very similar to Baklava because of its thin dough. Through wanderings, it finally became the dish of Austria: Apfelstrudel. The apple pie of the Alps so to speak. Wherever apple strudel comes from, it is delicious for any time of day.

Apple strudel with children

Seriously, this apple strudel is ready in no time! Also fun to make with kids by the way. Peeling the apples (who makes the longest strings) looks like a fun competition while cooking! You can choose to substitute brown sugar for agave syrup if you want to opt for something natural.

apple strudel

Making strudel with ingredients other than apple

I myself also added 3 dates in pieces in addition to the raisins and found that very tasty. So mainly experiment with all kinds of dried fruits yourself, for example, I can imagine that dried cranberries are also very tasty! Or maybe blackberries, anything goes. Maybe you will make the most delicious blackberry strudel ever! Above all, let me know what beautiful creation you made in the comments below the recipe! Or send a message on instagram.

In any case, you can use this apple strudel recipe as a base and modify it with the fruits you like. It is helpful, however, to choose fruits that do not go completely soft when you heat them. Good fruits for this include pineapple and pear. Rather kidney so much sugar? Then make lemon cashew mini bars as a healthier snack between meals.

Apple strudel

Quick and easy vegan apple strudel
Preparation 10 minutes
Cooking time 15 minutes
Number of persons 4 persons


  • 5 sheets filo pastry ready to use
  • 2 apples preferably slightly sweet
  • 2 el vegetable butter
  • 1 el brown sugar or 1 tbsp agave syrup mix that with the apple beforehand
  • 1 tbsp cinnamon I love cinnamon, but a little less is okay too
  • 100 gram raisins
  • 3 dates


  • Heat the oven to 180 degrees and remove the baking sheet from the oven and place baking paper on it beforehand. Unless, of course, the ready-to-use filo pastry itself is already wrapped in baking paper, even easier!
  • If you have fillo sheets from the freezer, let them thaw first and melt the butter in a small pan in advance.
  • Place two filo part sheets on top of each other and brush with part of the melted butter. Then place the remaining filo part sheets on top.
  • Peel the apples, remove the cores and cut into pieces or segments, whatever you find convenient. I had cut them into pieces.
  • Place them in a bowl and add the raisins. Then mix it with the brown sugar or agave syrup and cinnamon.
  • Spoon the mixture onto the filo pastry sheets, bit on one side and then roll up so you get a nice roll. Brush the seam on the “bottom” with remaining butter and turn the roll so that the seam is at the bottom. Then a little more butter on the top and hop into the oven for up to 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Keep checking carefully, because with me the oven is bit stronger so my apple strudel was ready after only 7 minutes!
  • Delicious with bit of blackberry jam or other jam of your choice!


Enjoy your meal!