Sweet potato soup with red lentils

This is a delicious warming sweet potato soup with red lentils. Perfect soup for the dark and cold days. The soup is a bit thicker so it fills well and combined with a (homemade) italian bread, naan bread or just something more neutral like this sugar-free bread.

Popularity sweet potato soup

When I went to high school, I couldn’t remember ever eating sweet potato soup. Or that it could be found on a menu at all. Such a shame because this variety of potato, aka sweet potato, is really fantastic! Super versatile too, I regularly cut them into wedges and put them in the oven like that. Delicious with homemade garlic sauce.

Where does the sweet potato come from?

But where did these sweet potatoes originally come from? Although it is still not entirely clear, it is highly likely that this tuberous plant was first grown in Central and South America. Basically, this healthy bonk of carbohydrates grows anywhere warm and frost-free. In the Netherlands, the sweet potato had not been popular for a very long time, even though it came to Europe from 15th century onwards by Spanish explorers such as Columbus (although word “explorer” does not cover what happened, people in Latin America will generally not perceive that he discovered things peacefully ;-)).

Actually a vegetable

That aside, sweet potato, by the way, can also be found everywhere in Barcelona s supermarkets. So even when I am in Barcelona, I like to cook with this vegetable. In fact, it is not actually a potato, but part of the winnow family just like water spinach. And these fall under vegetables.

Overall, sweet potato soup is one of my favorite dishes with yummy fiber because it is so quick and easy to make. You can also add canned bell bell pepper or organic tomato once.

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Zoete aardappelsoep met rode linzen

Heerlijk romige zoete aardappelsoep met rode linzen en tomaten. Snel, makkelijk en vullend voor koude of drukke dagen. Lekker met warm brood.
Preparation 30 minutes
Number of persons 8 porties


  • 1 rode ui
  • 2 zoete aardappels ongeveer 700 gram
  • 200 g rode linzen
  • 4 teentjes knoflook
  • 1 blikje tomatenpuree 30gr
  • 1 tl komijnpoeder
  • 2 tl paprikapoeder
  • 1 tl chilipoeder
  • 2 l groentebouillon
  • Olijfolie


  • Pers de knoflook en snipper de ui fijn. Schil vervolgens de zoete aardappels (mag ook 800 gram aardappels zijn, hoe meer zoete aardappel, hoe dikker de soep). En snijd ze in stukjes.
  • Bereid alvast de 2 liter groentebouillon. Pak een grote soeppan en doe hier beetje olijfolie in, laat het warm worden en fruit de ui en knoflook kort. Doe dan de zoete aardappel, linzen en tomatenpuree erbij. Voeg de kruiden toe en bak heel kort (2 minuten) en schep vaak om.
  • Schenk nu de groentebouillon erbij en breng aan de kook. Laat het ongeveer 15 minuten op laag vuur pruttelen. Check na 15 minuten of de zoete aardappel gaar is. Wanneer je de zoete aardappel in kleine stukjes heb gesneden gaat dit sneller dan wanneer je grote stukken snijd.
  • Is de zoete aardappel zacht? Pak de staafmixer of doe het in een glazen blender en maak het tot een gladde massa. Serveer de soep met italiaans brood of suikervrij brood en beetje koriander.


Tips: Is de soep nog beetje te dik? Dan doe je nog wat meer water bij. Wil je nog romiger? Dan kun je ook nog wat kokosmelk toevoegen.