Yazd, a journey of discovery | Iran

While traveling, we super enjoy taking the train. In Iran, too, therefore, we took a train. The overnight train from Tehran to Yazd. Fine train. We had booked the train with a travel agency. They advised us against going to station like this without a ticket. Also because the train does not always run. We paid 350,000 rial 35,000 toman for one-way Yazd for 2 people. That’s about 11 euros.

At the station, I met Azam. A female medical phd student traveling back and forth between Gorkan and Tehran. She told us that as a woman in your first marriage, you must always have your father’s permission. If you are divorced (which practically doesn’t happen, by the way) and you want to marry again, you don’t have to. We talked some more and at some point her train went and we said goodbye.


Train trip to Yazd

We watched some movies on our tablet and were able to sleep for a few more hours. Keep in mind your choice of film, though. A movie with many bed scenes with nudity is not so convenient ;-). Just watch those in your hotel room. After 8.5 hours, we arrived in Yazd. And after some sleuthing, we ended up at -the only backpacker feeling- Silk Road Hotel. You can compare it to the boutique hotels of Marrakesh. Open courtyard with all rooms adjacent to the courtyard. They even had a dorm here. Handy! And nice place to meet other people.






From Silk Road hotel we visited some sights in Yazd:


Jame mosque of Yazd

This mosque is near the Silk Road hotel. Beautiful to walk through. Sit back and let it all wash over you. The mosque has two minarets 48 meters high. In the evening light, this looks spectacular. It is an old mosque, as it was built in the 15th century.



Wandering around the old city of Yazd

The old city and its streets make you fall in love with Yazd immediately. During the day, the place is deserted. Not surprising since it got bloody hot when we were there in September. At night it came alive here. Cozy booths and lots of liveliness. Highly recommended.

yazd-iran greetings


The Wind Towers of Yazd

In Yazd, you see many wind towers, or badgirs. This was like the precursor to the air conditioner. What you really need in the middle of the desert located Yazd. The towers catch every breath of wind and blow it down into the living area. It is beautiful to see how inventive people were already a thousand years ago.

yazd wind tower

Amir Chakhmaq complex

This large square is about a 20-30 minute walk from the hotel. On this large square stands the complex. A 3-story building. Most beautiful is this building at sunset. It even includes a bathhouse which is 600 years old. Definitely worth a visit.

There is much more to see and do in Yazd. We were here for only 1 short day. I recommend you just walk around. Yazd is the gateway to the desert. Through Silk Road Hotel you book beautiful tours to the desert.