Lisa Goes Vegan: the cookbook

Lisa, meanwhile, has a new cookbook, Vegan Comfort Food. Wonderfully fine book, just like her previous book Lisa Goes Vegan.

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Cookbooks I like. They come in all shapes and sizes, but some cookbooks are the ones you want most right away. To dive straight into the kitchen to make flavorful creations. Similarly, I had the same with Lisa Stel’s book, Lisa Goes Vegan. Lisa is known for her blog Lisa Goes Vegan and after blogging for over 5 years, she now has her very first book! And what a one. After our many trips this year, I finally had time to try her recipes.

The book is a handbook for anyone who would like to eat plant-based food (more often). If you are new to eating vegan, this book is a great start! Thus, she starts with information about why she herself started eating plant-based. Consider the environment, animals and fair distribution of food, for example. What I like most is that by reading this book you also get to know more about Lisa herself.

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Lisa goes vegan: helpful tips

How do you go vegan with kids? How do you eat vegan while traveling? How do you handle barbecues and other social gatherings? She gives all the tips on how to do this in a cozy and fun way. She also talks about different types of nutrients you need. Very useful when you are not so at home in nutrition. Of course, you shouldn’t walk around with a pale sunken mouth because you don’t know what nutrients you need. It would have been even more convenient if there was a table with recommended amounts per day. Broken down for a man and for a woman. Perhaps for children as well. Tip for another book from this fun blogger 😊.

Okay, now you know what you need. Now the fun part can begin: cooking. Lisa gives basic recipes pretty quickly. Practical and therefore quick to make. She also tempts you with all kinds of beautiful pictures of tasty dishes.

lisa goes vegan book

Clear whole

She categorizes her recipes in her Lisa goes vegan book as follows: breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts. Very clear. This way you browse directly to the type of dish of the day you want to make. Some recipes are more “normal,” but I was surprised by the sauerkraut with pumpkin, for example. What an extraordinary combination. A true taste explosion in your mouth, seriously. If you have a sweet tooth, you will also be well served. I will definitely be making Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake again. Mmjummie!

It’s all in the pictures

Each recipe is accompanied by a beautiful photo that will make your mouth water. What I like is that with a fairly basic set of haberdashery, she manages to create a different atmosphere in the picture every time. Compliments to the photographer and food stylist! After all, to me, a fine cookbook without good photography is not a full-fledged cookbook. You want to be inspired and know what a recipe should look like. That includes – I think – an example of the recipe. Lisa passes with flying colors!

Basic Recipes

Another thing I find very convenient is the mix & match of the smoothies. Now Sander himself makes the most creative smoothies every day, but when you don’t have such a smoothie master at home, this overview is very helpful. Lisa gives examples of all kinds of ingredients that match well.
Actually, there are few downsides to this book. If I do have to mention one, it is the choice of the – dash in enumerations. I would have done this differently, but ach….does not detract from the content. And is actually niggling. In short, if you would like to eat plant-based food more often, this is a very good book to start with. Interested in more vegan cookbooks?

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And enjoy your meal!

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