Hummus bar Tbilisi in Georgia

Tucked away behind an Asian billboard, you’ll find Hummus Bar in Tbilisi near Rustaveli metro station. This charming restaurant is completely vegetarian with many vegan options. And what a fantastic place this is. It sits at the back of a residential street which is very typical in Georgia. You can find these kinds of yards everywhere.



“I dont want to earn money using animals”.

The owner of Hummus Bar Tbilisi, Shalva is from Georgia but lived in Israel for 43 years. His love for vega(n) cuisine developed there. He has 3 children whose two daughters are also vegetarian and vegan! His wife eats vegan 99% of the time. “Sometimes you need to be flexible. Shalva eats meat at most once a week, so it remains something special. If everyone did this, the world would probably be a lot better off.


“I don’t want to earn money using animals”. Explains he, something we of course fully support. He also explained why he thinks so much vegan food is eaten in Israel. “People see so much suffering and just don’t want to contribute to it.” Being vegan goes much further in Israel. For example, did you know that you can choose between leather or vegan shoes in the military?
The food at Hummus Bar Tbilisi is good. Of course there is hummus to be had and everything is homemade. Think crispy warm pita bread and creamy hummus or pickled vegetables. A true party. The decor is simple but there is a nice vibe. The price of the food is average. Not very expensive but not very cheap either. Highly recommended! And give them our regards 🙂

Hummus Bar Tbilisi
3 M.Kostava
1080 Tbilisi


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