Buying train tickets to Barcelona

Buying train tickets to Barcelona is easier than you think! As a freelancer, I work primarily for clients in the Netherlands. This means that I have to go to the Netherlands regularly. Not really sustainable. Fortunately, I can do a lot online and certainly don’t have to go back often, but sometimes it is really more convenient to be physically present for a while.

To be more sustainable, I often stay in the Netherlands for longer periods at a time (actually always at least 2 weeks), so I don’t have to go back and forth all the time for a weekend. Work and family/friends visit all in one.

Where do you buy train tickets?

So too for the Green Pepper event for which I do marketing communications and event management. For this, I stayed in the Netherlands for one month. For my other clients I can easily work remotely, but organizing an event and not being there on the day itself, that gets a little tricky. So in January I had figured out that I was going to give it a try: taking the train to Barcelona.

As a first step the return trip and if I like it I want to go more often. From my experience of traveling to Berlin by train, I already knew that the earlier you buy your train ticket, the better. So also so to Barcelona. On NS international website I didn’t really get much wiser so I ended up on the SNCF Oui site.

Just sent home

Here I ordered my train tickets to Barcelona and they were neatly sent home to my home address in the Netherlands. You get very nice “old fashioned” train tickets, so fun! You can also just use it to check in at the NS gates.

The train ticket indicates which car you need and which seat. You can’t choose this on the cheap tickets, in my opinion. You can even buy tickets for within Spain on the SNCF website. What’s nice is, the earlier you book, the cheaper, in this the website also helps you set an alert. I myself had just put it in my calendar. There is also an SNCF app you can use.

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