The best sights in Ericeira

6 Tips to do in and around Ericeira

After having had 60 liters of seawater in your jaw, sometimes it’s kind of nice to walk around on land itself and discover that there is more to life than surfing. There are lots of great attractions in Ericeira but also around the quaint fishing village.

When you have a car, you have more freedom of movement and I definitely recommend it. Should you really just for the surfing in Ericeira come then you can also take the bus from Lisbon to Ericeira and stay nicely in Ericeira and its surroundings. No punishment of course! If you do have a car then I would definitely recommend the following things to visit/do during your stay in Europe’s first official surf reserve, although most of the activities are also doable by public transport.

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#1. Eating and wandering around Ericeira

The center of Ericeira is small and it won’t take you a whole day wandering around to see the sights in Ericeira. Most likely, you will – like me – settle down at one of the cozy terraces you will find there. There are also several (how could it be otherwise) nice surf stores and some tourist stores. At least check out the local church San Pedro and the small white chapel San Sebastian (just outside the center).

In general, you will also find in Ericeira the typical tiled houses with the so-called azulejo tiles which you also see a lot in Porto and Lisbon, for example. Super cute and small so, but despite that there are plenty of great places to eat vegan!

For example, I ate delicious vegan food at

There are other places to eat vegan such as:

sights in Ericeira good food
Sunset Bamboo Bar

If you have to watch your budget a bit, it is better to drink your coffee at one of the local bars than at the “hipper” restaurants. At this downtown café they have cheap coffee AND plant-based milk: Café Salvador. Would you rather cook for yourself? There is a large Lidl on the outskirts of Ericiera and a supermarket in the center with quite a few vega options. If you want specific things to eat stop by Be U Organic Supermarket.

Eaten out? Then go for a walk, also good for your digestion. Walk towards Ribeira d’Ilhas, which is about a small 5 km and when you are out of Ericeira, you can walk along the coast away from the highway. Once arrived in Ribeira d’Ilhas you can walk quite a bit further along the coast and is really recommended. Would you rather just relax? You can do the same at Ribeira d’Ilhas, as there is a restaurant with vegan options as well as beanbags in the sun. Or just on the beach.

sights in ericeira port
The port at Praia dos Pescadores in the center of Ericeira

After a day of surfing, hiking or wandering around feel like a drink? Then head to Taberna Lebre. Almost every night there is some live music. From local heroes to international (amateur) musicians passing through and eager to showcase their musical talent. Very cozy with a drink in the small streets of Ericeira!

#2. Beach around Ericeira

There are several types of beaches around Ericeira that you can go to. One of the well-known ones is Foz do Lizandro. Beautiful beach and with a brisk walk (at least three quarters of an hour) also reachable on foot (bear in mind some walking up and down). You also have a little closer Praia do sul where you can also sit on the beach with a glass of wine.

If you don’t want to leave the center of Ericeira at all, go to Praia dos Pescadores. This beach I recommend a little less because the fishing port is also here, so it does not always smell fresh. On the beach itself you don’t smell it, but walking towards it you do.

What is nice is that in the evening the three terraces that sit at the top are always pleasantly full of locals and tourists. (You won’t be bothered by the smell there, by the way!) At least try a typical Vino Verde at Tashquina do Joy, hopefully you will be helped by the super cute owner.

#3. Sintra

sights ericeira sintra

In the mood for something completely different? Then go to Sintra. A world heritage site with an awful lot of beautiful buildings and lots of greenery. You can get to the castle at the top by tuk tuk, but walking is also possible. Then keep in mind about 2 hours of walking uphill.

If you are in Sintra by car, it is best to park your car near the train station. There are free parking spots there and you can be downtown in about 15 to 20 minutes on foot. Sintra is also easily accessible by public transportation from Lisbon and Ericeira (train and bus).

#4. Obídos

This medieval town in the middle of Portugal is one of the best-preserved fortified towns in the country. From Ericeira, it is about an hour and 10 minutes away. Once you are in town you go through the city wall and see many brightly colored houses AND…tourists. Despite the tourists, it is worth it because it is SO cute.

You will find several churches and the castle is also worth visiting. Already is more for the view you have. Also, be sure to try the Obídos version of the Ginjinha , a cherry liqueur. To date, I have not discovered that it would not be vegan. In Obídos they drink it with chocolate, so check beforehand for dark chocolate. If not, better without chocolate. By the way, you can also taste Ginjinha in Lisbon!

#5. Nazaré

Once you are in Obídos, you can then continue on to Nazaré. The place where big monster waves can be found. You can see these – with the right weather conditions – at Praia do Norte. Are you as brave as this Big Wave surfer? Or do you prefer to stick to relaxing on the beach or something more accessible in Portugal for surfing?

Besides the beach and beautiful viewpoint at the tip of the cape, don’t forget to visit the small old center. This is also located on the hill. Everything down at Praia do Nazaré is very commercial, but even there you can still find old houses and streets to wander through. You can still see the traces of Nazaré’s fishing history.

sights in ericeira nazaré

#6. Lisbon

When you go to Ericeira, you undoubtedly go via Lisbon . Unless you’re arriving from Porto or Algarve. Above all, don’t skip Lisbon! It is a fine and beautiful city with bustling streets in Barrio Alto, fine vegan restaurants and beautiful old buildings. Don’t have much time in Lisbon? Then go for a free walking tour in Amalfa from the likes of Hi Lisbon Walking Tours. We did a tour through them, was very nice. Immediately saw all the highlights of Amalfa. Want more tips about Lisbon? Then read this blog about Lisbon.

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