Taraz, small but fine | Kazakhstan

From Shymkent , we traveled further by shared cab to Taraz. For 2000 Tenge per person, you and 3 others drive to Taraz in Kazakh fashion (driving is really an art). Here we stayed for 1 night. Taraz is one of the oldest (small) cities in Kazakhstan and is located on the ancient Silk Road. The magic of the traders and merchants who roamed here hundreds of years ago has faded. But there are some places in Taraz that are worth visiting. For us, 1 day was definitely enough.

Vegetarian food in Taraz was a little less. We didn’t get much beyond a salad with pizza here. We stayed in a typical Soviet apartment via AirB&B, so we cooked there. Everything in the apartment was quite old and old-fashioned, but the best part was the shower. Which – unlike the rest of the apartment was super de luxe! So the most luxurious shower in Kazakhstan is in Taraz on the 4th floor in an old Soviet apartment block. Just that you know ;-). Our hostess Antonia was incredibly sweet. She tried to use her Russian hands and feet to explain to us how everything worked. This, of course, produced funny moments.

Taraz - airbnb Taraz our sleeping place

Some highlights of Taraz (other than the futuristic shower, of course;)

1. Mausoleums in Taraz

In Taraz you will find a number of medieval mausoleums. For example, you have the Karakhan Mausoleum built in the 12th century. Nearby also stands the Dauitbek mausoleum. Behind the mausoleum is also a large mosque. Or visit Aisha Bibi, where Aisha’s body lies. A Romeo and Julliet story, but in Kazakhstan. Located slightly outside the city.

Taraz - masauleum Taraz - children

2. Shakristan Market

A bazaar where you can find all kinds of things. Unfortunately especially a lot of Chinese junk. Nice to walk through for a while, but nothing more.

3. Walking around Taraz

Sander and I always enjoy walking around. When you walk from the train station and then turn right and then the very first left, you walk into a kind of villa/workers’ street. There are cabinets of houses after about a 10- to 15-minute walk. Fenced in with large fences. Interesting to see.

Taraz street scene Taraz street Taraz - surroundings

5. Vegetarian food in Taraz

Well, this one was a little disappointing. But we did eat the most delicious pizza in Taraz. At the restaurant/cafe Marone Rosso Espresso. We found this little restaurant through TripAdvisor. Unfortunately, it turned out that the address was not quite right. So after 30 minutes of long searching, we finally found it. The correct address is: Atyke Bi 9, Taraz.
There is also at the family park opposite the mosque and mausoleums a restaurant with typical Persian dining spots. Again, the food was no better than pizza and salad. Nice atmosphere, though. So if you have to eat anyway, this is kind of fun.

Drinking coffee we did at: Sabayon. Nice cafe on one of the main streets. Fine people watching say. And if you’re lucky, a cat will walk by to keep you company.

Taraz - sabayon

Taraz--vegetarian-1 Taraz- ger

Taraz rain