Naples must do’s | Italy

Pregnaples-boyo, prego..avanti! When you think of Italy, you often think of Venice, Rome or Pizza. Naples is somewhat the underrated child of the cities in Italy. And there is no need for that because Naples is the perfect city for a wonderful weekend getaway. I give you 5 must do’s for this city:

Eating in Naples

This one is at the top for a reason. What delicious food you can eat in here. Of course you eat the best pizza in Naples. But also pasta and other Italian tapas. Look for small bars where many Italians sit outside. There you can often eat wine and Italian snacks for less than 15 euros. The beauty of Italian cuisine is that you can eat vegetarian almost everywhere. Don’t want to wait until you get to Italy? Then get a head start on these tasty ravioli or just the always delicious spaghetti aglio olio!

The architecture

Naples has many beautiful churches. Often you can just go in. There is also often a market on weekends. Fantastic to walk around here looking for fresh fruit. If you have a car, it is also worth driving around the city.

Capri, island near Naples

Get away from the city for a while? Within an hour to 70 minutes you are on Capri. You have fast boats (45 min) and slow (70 min) boats. SNAV sails often (about 17 times a day). You can also stay in one of the hotels, but they are often many times more expensive than in Naples. Fun to do on Capri is a boat ride. Along the beautiful rock formations. And visit to the blue cave. You can also walk around Capri and go upstairs. This can be done by cable car or on foot. It is very touristy there, though. Although a little further up the island, that’s probably less.

napels-boat tour-capri



Ischia, island near Naples

Do you have another day? Then go from Naples to Ischia. What a nice island this is. We liked it even better than Capri. It is less touristy and a lot bigger than Capri. Go to the port near downtown and catch the boat there. In the summer, they go regularly. You can enjoy a cool drink once you arrive on the island and then catch the bus. The bus goes around the whole island. Get off at Sant’ Angelo. Beautiful spot and nice place to sunbathe. When we were there, it was also quiet.



Near Naples: Pompeii

Besides all the boat trips and island visits, we also wanted to visit Pompeii. You are about 1.5 hours away. Then another little walk. Try to go as early as possible. In front of the crowd. Extraordinary to walk around here like this. Knowing what was going on here. You have a view of Mount Vesuvius. A must do when in Naples.



naples-pompeii square