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I can usually get up fairly early in daily life. So too when we went to San Agustin. Rather not early of course, but ok it is possible. This feature is important while traveling. How many times I had to catch a bus at 5:00/6:00 or 7:00 in the morning, almost countless. It’s nice then that you can get up “somewhat easily.

A muddled start for San Agustin

So too in the Desierto de Tatacao. At 8:00 in the morning, the bus to San Agustin would leave from Neiva. So we had to have the “cab” bus from our hostel at 6:00. Eeehmm, what did I say again about being able to get up well early? Right yes, we had the wrong time in mind and thus got up too late. When I turned my head outside I saw the “cab” already there! Oeeeps, morning! Showering like crazy and packing stuff. So a bit of a rush start. Fortunately, despite our mistake, we were in time for the bus to San Agustin.
After traveling part of the way by normal bus, we had to change to a jeep halfway through. Backpacks on the roof (and yes something fell out of someone’s bag at one point…what it was we still don’t know) and without a seatbelt in the bin. Very relaxed we did not sit those remaining 1.5 hours to San Agustin but oh well…have experienced more uncomfortable positions. For example, I once sat for 3 hours with someone my lap in a Mongolian minivan, which is not something to recommend either.

San Agustin

“You didn’t take a cab? You’re crazy, haha!” Welcome to San Agustin

When we finally arrived in San Agustin, we were a little tired. After we got off the bus, we were surrounded by individuals who all wanted to sell us a tour. Having waved them away, our next mission lay ahead. Finding the hostel. Since we had been sitting on our butts since 6:00, we wanted some exercise. And or what those got! We ended up searching and walking for almost an hour in San Agustin (especially uphill), with backpack, in a humid hot climate. And poor Sander with his heavy backpack on wheels-case. Fortunately, after much procrastination, we met someone who showed us the way to Casa de Nelly . We came to this place on the recommendation of two girls we had met in Tatacao. And what a fantastic place Casa de Nelly is! The travelers and staff did look at us strangely when we arrived walking with our luggage. ” You didn’t take a cab? You’r crazy”, uhu. As soon as we got into our lovely spacious room, we instantly forgot about our sweaty trip. After some freshening up, we even walked back (it already made a difference that we knew how to walk and didn’t have any luggage with us) to the town. Ate something there, at a foul fast food joint. How you just long for fries sometimes! They have an incredibly large supermarket where we bought pasta and vegetables. A relaxing evening of homemade pasta, chess lessons from Master Sander, conversations with an Argentinian who was traveling around Colombia in his car and cold beers.
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Mesitas and mysterious statues in San Agustin Archaeological National Park

In San Agustin, you can do several activities. For example, several waterfalls with tour operators, horseback riding and the San Agustin Archaeological national park. There are not only statues in that national park, but there are other places around San Agustin. If you wanted to see everything, you would be at least 3 days. Since we didn’t want to see everything there was to see like crazy tourists at an idiotic pace, we focused on 1 thing. And here took time for this. We decided after talking with fellow travelers at Casa de Nelly that we wanted to go out in the park by ourselves -i.e., not with a tour.
This turned out to be a good decision. Unesco Heritages San Agustin Archelogical National park reveals a special mysterious culture about which little is known. It was from Casa de Nelly something like a 30-minute walk. With occasional stops to take pictures. Excellent hike.


We were there in April so not in high season with occasional rain showers. The park was fairly quiet. We first visited the museum to get some background information. There is only 1 place in South America where so many religious monuments and megalithic sculptures can be found. That’s in San Agustin. It is extraordinary how detailed these images were created by the people of the Northern Andes culture. This culture experienced its heyday from 1st to the 8th century AD. Although the historic tombs were not discovered until the 18th/19th century. You will find many tombs and associated sculptures.
The park is divided into several Mesitas (small tables). Mesita A, B, C and D. Where Mesitas A through C have the most ancient excavations. We also visited “Bosque de Las Estatuas” . Bosque de Las Estatuas was nicely hidden in the forest. Here was a serene calm. Here are many different images from all over the region.
It is worth coming here. It is extraordinary to see how many archaeological works of art can be found here, even though little is still known about why people made this at the time. The mysterious pre-Columbian era.

Vegetarian restaurants in San Augustin


After our tour in San Augustin Archaeological National Park, we had a delicious vegetarian lunch at Saludarte. There was also a vegetarian restaurant Tomate Verde . with a German owner. We heard good stories about it. Unfortunately, we couldn’t exactly find it.
The village itself has a large covered market. Here you can get delicious fruits, vegetables and nuts on Sundays. Was a lot of fun! We were also welcomed by group of children. After nicely asking permission from the parents present, we also photographed the children. Delicious coffee can also be had in San Augustin.

In the evening, the chefs at Case de Nelly made a delicious vegetarian meal with rice and lots of vegetables.