Popayan the White City | Colombia

We arrived in the dark. Heavy backpack (always a challenge when you have to pack for 3 seasons) on and looking for a place to sleep. Unfortunately, all the hostels were full so we went to sleep at a 4-star hotel. Geez that was a luxury! And not even that much more expensive than the private rooms of hostels. Popayan is a beautiful town with many white houses and churches. It doesn’t have the name la ciudad blanca for nothing. From San Agustin, we were on the road for 5 hours. Over unpaved roads. So be prepared for an uncomfortable trip. And empty your bladder before you leave!

Vegetarian Restaurante Mana in Popayan

In Popayan, we loved this restaurant: Restaurante Mana. Doesn’t cost a dime and you get an awful lot of (delicious) food. The system is just a little different than we are used to in the Netherlands. One takes a large sign which hangs in the small restaurant. There are several dishes on here. You will be given a sheet of paper and a pen upon entering. On the piece of paper write down 7 dishes. Since we couldn’t translate everything, it was still a surprise what we got. It’s a bit of a long wait, but once you’re seated. Then you don’t really want to leave. Incredibly cozy. Among Colombians.


Drinking coffee at Juan Valdez

PopayanColombia is the land of coffee. All over Colombia, you can drink coffee at all Juan Valdez coffee shops. Also in Popayan. Was nice to have a coffee in a cool space on the square.


Just sitting on a bench in Parque Caldes

Sit on a bench in Parque Caldas. Especially on a Saturday during the day, you see people walking everywhere. Bring your coffee and go people watching.

Church clean

Visit all the churches and little churches. Wander the streets. It is a nice little center which is fine to do in 1 day. We wouldn’t stay here for more than 1 full day either.

Sleeping in a beautiful hotel

After an hour of walking around sweating in the dark, we decided to sleep at hotel La Plazuela. A fine hotel with good breakfast.