Vegan restaurants in Granada

There you can already hear your belly grumbling, you’ve just enjoyed Alhambra, braved the steps in Albaycin and so now time for some food in your belly. There are plenty of vegan restaurants in Granada or places where they have vegan options. It doesn’t compare to vegan restaurants in Barcelona, but I loved being in Granada. And not just to see the magnificent Alhambra.

The Dutch people I’ve spoken to who live in or near Granada are noticing more attention to vegan food in Granada. But don’t get me wrong, there are still a lot of places you can’t go, so checking in advance is important. What you can always ask for, though, is a bocadillo solo con aquacate y tomate. They have this almost everywhere! They also have leche de soja or avena (soy milk or oat milk) almost everywhere. Just keep in mind that they often have soy milk with sugar here.

Vegan Restaurants in Granada at Wild Food
At Wild Food in Granada

What are rancions in Granada

In Granada, by the way, they work with rancions aka portions. This means that you can choose a ½ rancion or a whole one, for example. The difference is often between a whole baguette (sometimes even with top of baguette on top) and a half. Prices of a half rancion range from 1 euro to 2 and the whole rancion from 3 to 4 euros.

By the way, if you are out with a vegetarian or flexitarian, they are in luck! You get a free tapa at almost every bar when you order a drink. Often these are tapas with animal products, but at La Buena Vida near the Cathedral you can choose your tapa. I then chose two balls of falafel. So if you want to do it right, you can eat almost for free, although you have to drink some cervesas for it. Tip: drink Cerveza Alhambra or Vino de Granada, then you’ll be a little more local.

Wild Food: vegan finesse

Vegan Restaurants in Granada the Wild Urimaki by Wild Food

Want to make sure you eat good food? Then go to Wild Food. Completely vegan and with incredibly delicious pizza on the menu. The decor is sleek modern yet warm due to the chosen velvet fabric on chairs. You also imagine yourself in an oasis of green due to the ceiling covering with plants.

Vegan Restaurants in Granada pizza with truffle

We treated ourselves with elaborate appetizer and main course. We ate the Gyozas (6 pieces), the Wild Urimaki (what a feast that was, is also served nice), pasta fresca and the pizza Tartufata. Seriously that pizza was really outstanding.

Wild Food Website

Moana: hawai vegan options

Vegan Restaurants in Granada Maoana

Here I chose the vegan burger and as an appetizer we had a bowl full of beet hummus, regular hummus along with cucumber, carrot and crackers. The interior is really super cute! There is not a lot of choice for vegans, but the burger is fine and the atmosphere and interior makes up for a lot, even the restroom I liked!

Be Moana

Noodle Rest: vegan ramen

We were in awe of ramen. Not normal. Fortunately, we found quite quickly, perhaps a little faster than usual because it was raining, this restaurant with plenty of vegan options in downtown Granada. I chose the Ramen Vega Thai and seriously, it was very tasty! The gyozas were also a treat for our taste buds. We are excited. The service was also very friendly.

El Piano: squishy but fun

This restaurant is also near Wild Food. Kind of nerdy but the owner’s warm smile makes up for a lot! Unfortunately, we couldn’t order more because once we were seated, the owner was suddenly called away for a family matter. If I were to stay longer in Granada, I would definitely have gone back.

El Piano website

Restaurant Paprika: beautiful terrace

Vegan Restaurants Granada

What a nice terrace Paprika has in Granada. If you eat here, I would recommend doing so on the terrace if possible. It’s a vegan restaurant in Granada with quality so the prices do average higher than average restaurants, but not higher than, say, Wild Food. The menu includes Baked Tofu, Thai Curry, Asian Wok and Raw zucchini spaghetti with avocado. It’s not that big, so reservations are wise.

Paprika website

La Buena Vida: vegan rancion

In this little street there are lots of tapas restaurants. Nice outside on the terrace with a free tapa. So this little restaurant includes options like falafel. Not a super fantastic place – as in bit touristy – , but if you just want to relax and have a beer, so you can just get a vegan tapa here with it. And yes, this one is free :).

La Buena Vida website

Llevaté Cafe: tasty cakes and coffee

This super small cafe in the middle of Albayzín offers delicious coffee and often vegan cakes too! For a short break in the sun with a bakkie. The perfect coffee moment.

Llevate Cafe Instagram

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