Germany, Gummersbach for a weekend getaway

You have a long weekend off ahead of you. So what do you do as travel addicts? Just a long weekend away! No plane this time but just easy by car. Hup get in, drive 3 to 4 hours and voila we are in a completely different environment. But where are you going? Our first brainwaves went out to Belgium, Luxembourg, northern France or Germany. First we tried to find accommodation in Luxembourg. After 3 hours of searching on Airbnb, Ardenne stage, Micazu and Marktplaats, everyone’s enthusiasm was gone for Luxembourg over Pentecost weekend. Apparently, we were not the only Dutch people with the brilliant idea to leave. Everything was full or very expensive.

Jawohl! We’re going to Germany!

Then my ex’s best friend said the Eifel in Germany is a beautiful area. And what’s more, there are wonderfully affordable German beers and romantic “ferienwohnungen” there. With revised courage, we continued our search. Finally, through AirBnB, we found a cottage with host Brigit Seidel-Weber of Gummersbach on Apfelbaum 3 in Germany. Just under 3 hours drive from Utrecht (ok, admittedly, we liked to take advantage of the German driving style – driving hard and through). It was a 4-person cottage with all the trimmings. A description of our host Birgit? I come up with only 1 word: fantastic. She just started and was eager for feedback. ‘What can I improve and what is good?’ She even brought us lettuce from her own garden and gave me a tour of beautiful grounds in Germany.
The house we were in had a separate entrance and driveway. So if you don’t feel like talking, you don’t have to. Everything was there from juicer to kettle. Do you also want to be in the
Brigit’s? Send her
an e-mail.
Of course, it can also be done through
, but then you pay a service fee.

What is there to do in Gummersbach, Germany?

Hiking in Germany
From Gummersbach in Germany, you can do a lot of hiking. We took a hike (after some research) near Lieberhausen. Again, Birgit helped us with this. The view was beautiful. We really felt like getting away from it all with rolling hills and trees in bloom. And we ate – yes – vegetarian schnitzel at the
Rengser Muhle
. Unfortunately, they were not very quick with serving the food. But on vacation in Germany, you are in no hurry. And waiting in the sunshine is no punishment.

Thai vegetarian food in Germany
Vegetarian food is also fine in Gummersbach. We ate a delicious Thai vegetarian curry and a tasty sweet & sour at
Bambus Garten.
The waitresses were from Chiang Mai (Thailand) and Vietienne (Laos). They told my tablemate that in Thai. He speaks quite a bit of Thai and the waitresses, who were probably also the owners, loved that.

Italian vegetarian food in Germany
We also ate pizza one evening. This was at the only
Italian restaurant Da Enzo
in Ruenderoth. I had the vegetarian pizza with asparagus. Was tasty but not very special. We would not detour for it. You can do much more in the area. We needed booth relaxation. So everything at a leisurely pace and -out of course- slept in. A tip: it is convenient to go by car, though. You are then more flexible. At least Brigit has 2 bikes waiting for you in Germany!