Day out in Brussels | Belgium

Tell me, what could be more fun than visiting your travel friends? Retrieve memories and dream together again about taking new trips. And best of all, often your “new best friends” live somewhere else in the world than you do. So did Frank. I got to know Fank during my trip to Iran. Together we had long conversations with Amir and Hussein about politics (yes, you can talk about politics in Iran), erotic movies and non-Iranian music. It was therefore also very nice to see Frank again in his own home town: Brussels.

Brussels, years ago, I was there and ended up in the hospital. Not because I had drunk me kegel lame from the delicious Belgian beers, but because my meniscus had something weird. You’ll always see. So my memory of Brussels was more the white light in the hospital. Therefore, I was happy to head to Brussels again!

brussels brussels

Brussels by car

Ok, before you leave. Decide whether you will go by train or by car. Because of the work towards Brussels on the tracks, the choice was soon clear to us. The car. Within less than 2 hours you can be in Brussels from Rotterdam. And then, oh yes, parking. Frank came up with the good tip of the Park & Ride in Brussels. There are some places in Brussels, as in the Netherlands, where you can park your car for free, and then travel to the center by metro for 2 people for 4.20 euros. The subway runs until 1 a.m. or so. We parked at Delta and were right in the heart of downtown within 15 minutes.

Vintage market in Brussels brussels

We agreed to meet at Saint Gorik’s Halls. This was a bad neighborhood until a few years ago. But the Belgians refurbished it and now it is a bustling square with many terraces. And is very hip Brussels can be found here. There is also an occasional vintage market on Sundays. With all kinds of cute bags and clothing. Surely that makes your woman’s heart beat faster. Check the calendar to see when the next market is.

Meeting with Joan

After a refreshing Belgian Duvel, we headed out. We already know Manneke Pis, but do you know his younger sister? Jeanneke Pis? We didn’t yet, so we got a tour to Joan’s. Down the street from the Delerium Cafe, you’ll find Jeanneke. Kind of tucked away, but no less fun. Joan was placed in 1987. Initiated by local business owners to attract more crowds to their businesses. Still, that’s a bit of a shame. I just see Jeanneke and Manneke as brother and sister. Much more fun right?


Non-tourist terrace

After Jeanneke, we made our way to Freedom Square on Rue de Presse. In Brussels, there are lots of little squares with small terraces. Eager to escape the crowds, we went to the spot where Frank often drinks beers with his colleagues. What peace and quiet, wonderful! With lots of greenery, slightly dull garden furniture, but super friendly service we sipped our beers there. Alcohol-free beer is somewhat difficult to get in the places we were, by the way. In any case, I went for the Triple Karmeliet and Stella. Jum Jum Jum!

Vegetarian food in Brussels

Vegetarian food is also possible in Brussels. We really wanted to go to Dolma. Unfortunately, they were closed. On summer vacation. So a good excuse to come back to Brussels! So unfortunately, we were not able to test a fully vegetarian restaurant. But the reviews are very good. So should you be in Brussels, we would at least try it!

We ended up in Ispahan, restaurante Persian. To regain the Iranian feeling. And that’s what we got: little but delicious vegetarian food. I ate Kuku Sabzi as an appetizer. A kind of spinach pancake. Very tasty! As the head we had again-as in Iran-Mirza ghasemi. A kind of sauce made from eggplant. It’s really tasty. With very, very much rice and bit of vegetables. The only thing we missed was the yogurt sauce and the raw onion. This she dished out to us every day in Iran. So it was back in the day though! The service was very friendly and thoughtful with us.

Then we walked to the subway. Took leave of Frank and I was in bed a mere 2 hours later, delightfully fulfilled! Fine such a city trip to Brussels.