City break Rome according to the Romans

Rome, the city of love, of antiquity of well, everything really. Because Rome has everything! I was always looked at strangely when I told people I had never been to Rome. “You’ve been to so many cities like Almaty, Ulaanbaatar, Tehran, Bogotá, Lisbon, Sofia and then not the capital of Italy? Phoebe! “Yes, eehhmm … there was some truth in that. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to, quite the contrary, but somehow it never came out. Now, thankfully, it does!

Help from real Italians

We were lucky because we had help from a couple of girls who live in Rome. Two from Sicily and one from America. And as coincidental as life can be, so too can this example. My little brother celebrated his birthday on a boat in Amsterdam a week before Sander and I went to Rome. After about an hour of sailing, suddenly three girls came onto the boat. These turned out to be from Rome. Were friends of friends of my little brother’s friends. There was plenty of food and drink, so of course they were more than welcome! We got talking and full of enthusiasm they told us about their city: Rome. Even though they very much wanted to live in Amsterdam again. Something about the grass is always greener? We agreed to do some fun things in Rome when we were there. Facebook exchanged and we made it a beautiful celebration that day.


Bon giorno Roma!

A week later, Sander and I got up early to go to Schiphol Airport. The flight went quickly and smoothly. We took the train from Rome Fucciumo to Travestere. We thought this would take over an hour and a half, but so it didn’t. Within half an hour to forty minutes we were in Rome! We slept in an Airbnb for €54 a night in downtown Travestere. On the recommendation of the girls we had met. So, advice for sleeping: make sure you book something in Travestere. We were on the “quieter” side. This is perfect, because you cross the street and walk right into the busy area. But you still sleep peacefully.


I need to get my stuff


Airbnb in Rome

When we arrived at our Airbnb host’s house, we did have to laugh a little. He hadn’t cleaned up at all yet. Everything had been cleaned but he had not yet gathered his things. What a mess it still was. It made me secretly smile smugly. Quickly he grabbed his laptop and clothes while excusing himself. In poor English I need to get my stuff sorry. His girlfriend had very sweetly made a map with all kinds of restaurants and must-sees. Of course no vegan or vegan friendly restaurants but pizza mariana is always vegan so in Rome you can eat it at any pizzeria.

After our host left, we freshened up a bit and hopped into Roman life. Fortunately, it was not yet very crowded with tourists. But I can already give you the advice not to come to Rome during the summer vacations. It is then say Amsterdam but times twenty as bad with tourists. What are the places that most tourists skip, but you really shouldn’t miss. Tips from the locals!

Highlights according to Rome locals

#1.Gianicolo Hill

At this spot you have wide views of part of Rome. A high staircase up takes you to the top. Highly recommended!

#2. Jewish Ghetto and eating artichokes

When in season you can eat artichokes everywhere. And really, do this! They are SO incredibly delicious. Mmmmmmmjummie!

#3. Villa Borghese

Lovely place with lots of greenery. Many Romans use the park as their backyard and sit here cozily relaxing on a hot day.

#4. Keyhole on Aventino Hil

Look through the keyhole and see the perfect picture of Rome there. Seems, next time in Rome we will definitely do this!

#5. Museum Capitolini

Our friends told us that this is really a beautiful museum. Unfortunately, we ran out of time for this. Rome is gróót! So we’ll save this one for next time :). Not annoying right?


Of course, there are also the standard hot spots. They are just so incredibly busy, for a reason, of course. Because these hot spots are great to see. We are only slightly allergic to the many tourists. We are tourists ourselves, but yes … when white flags are pushed up in front of you …. we prefer to take another turn anyway.
Nevertheless, these are still things you must have seen when in Rome :).

#1. Vatican

Order your tickets online. You then only have to queue for the security check. That one seems to have about a 20-minute wait. Don’t be tempted by people yelling “Skip the line,” just buy online. Tip: if you book early: always the first Sunday of the month is free admission. These cards, of course, are so gone. Unless you book six months in advance. Applies to other museums, by the way.


When you don’t want hordes of tourists and don’t have that much money (Rome is quite pricey), just walk around it!

#3. Colosseum

We walked around it on the recommendation of the locals. Even then you have fantastic views and with a little imagination you can see here what used to take place. It is more beautiful on the outside than on the inside. Choose what you want for yourself. When you do like to get in: go early, very early. And try not to get annoyed by all the tourists there 😉

Of course, we also like a (stiff) drink on occasion. You can do this perfectly in Travestere! So watch out when you book your hotel or Airbnb here, before you know it you won’t get out of the neighborhood ;-).


By the way, public transportation is excellent in Rome. Most people don’t buy a ticket, but recently they have started checking more strictly. You can buy a streetcar ticket at kiosks, not in the streetcar itself. We found this very strange, but everything gets used! And walking is always nice, bring good walking shoes, such as good sneakers.

We found Rome to be a beautiful and fine city. I can honestly say that I have never seen such a city. Almost every little street you enter is literally photo-worthy. So I had to restrain myself from coming back with two gigabites of photos. And even if you have little money, Rome is also fun because all the beautiful buildings and parks already make you feel like royalty! Also check what you can do in lesser-known Naples. Also highly recommended!

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