Caumasee, the ‘tropical’ lake in Switzerland

During my first time in Switzerland, I hope it will happen more often, I went to Caumasee. A friend who is from Ruschein told me that this is really a must see. And rightfully so! Because of the pandemic, there were probably fewer people than usual, as it was pleasantly crowded but not extremely so. I think it was mostly Swiss we saw there. In fact, Caumasee is also a welcome outing for Swiss families, you can see them coming down and back up with stroller and all!

Parking & Accessibility

By car and walking, the lake is easily accessible from Flims. Parking by car does get crowded, so keep this in mind. Since we came walking from Flims Dorff, I don’t know if you have to pay to park. I didn’t see any vending machines. When you walk to the beginning of the trail (just follow the crowd) you can choose to walk down (this road is quite steep) or take the road that leads to the elevators.

caumasee switzerland


There is an elevator for those with mobility problems or who cannot (or do not want to) walk downstairs for other reasons. Top to bottom and bottom to top. Just keep in mind that around peak times in the summer (around 5 p.m.) people wait in lines to go up. The waiting time can be quite long.

Caumasee Entrance

To get to the “beach” and facilities such as restaurant and restrooms you pay an entrance fee. This is – at the time of writing – 18 CHF for an entire day. You certainly don’t have to choose this, you can also walk around the lake and find a place to relax there. Only drawback is that there is much less space and no “beach. So you will be among the trees (and stumps). We heard it was free years ago, but unfortunately it is no longer.

What can you do at Caumasee?

You can do several things at Caumassee. I saw many people doing paddlesurf and there was also a beach volleyball spot, a children’s playground and some floating rafts you can swim to. Plenty to do.

caumasee switzerland

Hiking Caumasee – Conn – Il Spir – Crestasee

Prefer to hike? Then go do the route Caumasee – Conn – Il Spir – Crestasee. If you walk at a leisurely pace and take lots of pictures then you will be about 1.5 hours (no round trip). If you still want to return to the car at Caumasee bv you have to add another 1 hour or so.

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