8 tips to do in Goa| India

What you can do in Goa? Anyway, start with this: legs up, breeze through your hair and view of the sun slowly sinking into the water. Goa is one of 28 states in India and is known for its beaches and hippie culture. There is plenty to do in Goa, but just sitting on a beach chair is also totally fine here. Would you like to do some things in Goa? Here some tips from my own experience.

8 tips to do in Goa

Sunset at Palolem, Goa

One of the most beautiful sunsets in Goa. Before the tide comes in, walk to the right side of Palolem beach. Here is a small bar. Are you on a budget? Then bring your own drink. Sit back and enjoy. In addition, Palolem is a wonderful beach to stay at. Not as crowded as Anjuna, but plenty of beach bars for a relaxing Kingfisher (beer) in the evening. Make sure you put on something that is allowed to get wet. When you walk back, you have to be up to your knees in the water. Depending on how tall you are of course ;-).


A Silent Disco Party

In Palolem, because of nature and residents, loud music is not allowed. Indians are inventive. No music? Then just organize a silent disco, right? Watch for posters on trees or ask at tents for announcements. Conviviality guaranteed.

Anjuna flea market in Anjuna Goa

One of the most famous markets in Goa is the Anjuna Flea market. You buy all kinds of things there. From food items, beautiful cloths, or how about a nice hammock to kitschy souvenirs. Come early. Then it’s still quiet, but the most important still not so hot. Or just in the afternoon. Markets are from November to April, always on Wednesdays.

what to do in goa

Feel like a loner in Goa

Do you want to get away from people? Then go to Cola beach, Pantem or Agonda beach. Few to no people. Rest assured!

Vegetarian Indian food

Indian cuisine is known for its many vegetarian dishes. Curry with cumin seeds, garam masala, turmeric, coriander, naan, paneer, chapati. It doesn’t really matter what you eat in India, almost all of it is equally spicy and flavorful. When in India, at least try paneer tikka masala (the spicy variety). Geez, that’s so delicious! For that alone, I would go back to India again.


Pedicure the Indian way in Goa

Nails not so pretty anymore? Another thing you can do in Goa is to take a pedicure at Palolem Beach. There are several beachfront tents where you can get your nails done beautifully. Indian style, of course. In a little plastic chair and your feet go into a sink. Delicious!

Cooking workshop in Goa

Indian cuisine is my favorite cuisine. A tip, do a cooking workshop in Goa or anywhere else in India. Until you get to India, get a taste of Indian cuisine in advance with the Indian recipes on The Traveling Vegetarian.

See the beautiful old buildings of the old Portuguese colony

India used to be a colony of the Portuguese. You can see this on the coast -and especially in Goa -in the buildings. It is sometimes a bit of past glory and some of the buildings could use a lick of paint. Nevertheless, it is worth going out and not just lying on the beach.

Yoga & ayurveda in Goa

India is known for its ayurveda and yoga. There are several yoga retreats to get completely zen. With yoga, you make your body strong in addition to your thoughts. Often yogis eat from Ayurvedic teachings. Experience shows that booking retreats on the spot is many times cheaper than booking them in advance.

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