Lake Navaisha | Kenya

Lake Navaisha is known for its birds and one of the most dangerous mammals in the world: the hippopotamus. Many birds can also be found around the lake.

The best way to explore the lake is by boat. There are several “hippo spots” in Lake Navaisha. The best time to spot hippos is at the end of the day or in the morning. We arrived at the end of day. When the sun gives a soft glow to the water. The water gently lapping against the boat as you enjoy a gentle evening breeze. The boat ride takes about an hour. And the hippos? Those are always there. Enjoying the water.

lake navaisha

Camping at Lake Navaisha


One of the best things about Lake Navaisha is camping at Fishermans camp on the lake. After our bad experience with the hotel at Lake Nakuru, this campground was a breath of fresh air! Bonus point at this campground is that you spot hippos at night on the side of the lake. On the grounds of the campground.

Our place to sleep at Lake Navaisha? We slept in a small 2-person tent on the edge of the lake. The atmosphere there is relaxed. The showers and toilets are neat. And I can tell you, the shower they have at Fishermans Camp were the best in Kenya. What a nice shower. And how wonderful a shower is after a day of picking up dust on a bike in Hell’s Gate.


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