Lake Nakuru National Park | Kenya

Lake Nakauru is known for its flamingos. The flamingos migrate to Lake Nakuru in Kenya every year. Despite the fairly high certainty that there are always some flamingos, they are still animals. And so it is never 100 percent certain that they are there. Over the last few years, rangers at Lake Nakuru have noticed the flamingos moving to Lake Bogoria. Lake Bogoria is located a bit further north in Kenya. So we were a bit unlucky. No big horde of flamingos. Fortunately, many other animals.

Also, Lake Nakuru has an incredibly beautiful viewpoint. At this point you have a sweeping view of the entire lake. This, despite animals or not, is a fantastic sight. Also featured was the film Out of Africa was filmed in Lake Nakuru, among other places.

Animals in Lake Nakuru


In the part of the lake where there are normally lots of flamingos, we saw -fortunately- 3 flamingos! Along with pelicans, ducks and buffalo, they enjoyed the cooling water.

Besides birds, Lake Nakuru also has giraffes, monkeys, zebras, lions, many antelopes or deer and rhinos. There is also a small waterfall, forest and, of course, the big lake. So plenty to see!

If you definitely want to see a lot of animals and you have at least three days, I recommend Masai Mara instead of Lake Nakuru. Do you have less time? You do this national park easily in a day trip from Nairobi.

Tip for all safaris: start early. Sit in the car at 6:00-6:30. Most animals such as lions hunt at night or early in the morning. If you are not in the middle of the park until after 9 a.m., you are too late.

Sleeping at Lake Nakuru

There are many places to sleep around the town of Nakuru. We slept at the Miale Hotel. A basic hotel where the beds slept well, but the food is poor. And not just for vegetarians. We got half tepid, rubbery green beans with a little salad and rice. Fortunately, lunch was good earlier that day, otherwise it was a meager affair. Not recommended!


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