Fine hostel in Kilifi ‘Distant Relatives’ | Kenya

After the train ride from Nairobi to Mombasa, we went to Kilifi. Kilifi is a small fishing village on the coast of Kenya. There is a beach where you can work on your tan. The people there are very friendly. The village itself is not that exciting but is typical of Kenya. There is not that much to do in Kilifi. What does make Kilifi really fun is the hostel Distant Relatives. Here you meet backpackers, flashpackers and, in our case, a remnant of wedding guests. This hostel in Kilifi is a good place to take a few days to relax and unwind from all the early safari trips.


Distant relatives hostel in Kilifi

Distant relatives is a hostel in Kilifi founded by Zimbabwean Tom and French Romain. From the idea of doing everything as sustainably as possible. Thus, toilets provide composting concerns. ‘Flushing’ is done with wood chips and they grow as many vegetables as they can in their vegetable garden. I slept in a private room (with private shower and shared toilet) for 3,000 KES along with my travel companion and good friend Hanneke. The dorm in the hostel at Distant relatives in Kilifi is also very nice, and is KES 1,000 a night. There is a swimming pool and a 5-minute walk to a beach. This beach is quite small and fine. But do you want the “real beach” with white sand and azure sea? Then catch the tuk tuk for 300 KES from Distant relatives. Or travel further to Watamu.


Hostel is of all places in Kilifi

At this beach they regularly organize small events. For example, they had a “film festival” when we were there. They showed all kinds of short films around the world. Beach, movie, beer and good company perfect combo for a relaxing evening. They also organize sailing trips and you can do all kinds of activities.

They are even rented out for weddings. Food prices are a bit on the high side. But very tasty. There is also -like a real hostel- a communal kitchen. Buy your groceries at Tuskey’s (supermarket in Kilifi) and cook the tastiest things. A tuk tuk to downtown Kilifi costs 100-150 KES. Wifi is hard to get in this remote place, so you pay a fee per 24 hours. But really, you don’t need wifi here. Lovely to unplug from the Internet. In short, we recommend this hostel in Kilifi to everyone!


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