Traveling is one of the most beautiful things I have done. Discovering destinations with new cultures, customs and nature allows me to see the world in a broader context, be more open minded and more compassionate towards others. Over the years I have been to nearly 40 countries such as Iran, Thailand, Cambodia, Australia, Argentina, Costa Rica, Vietnam, Kenya, Morocco, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Colombia, Nepal, India, Uruguay, Turkey, Georgia, Chile, United States and Malaysia.

I also took a world trip alone for almost five months when I was 28. Volunteered for two months in Thailand with a friend and learned a lot from all the travelers and local people I met. They are my most cherished experiences in my life. Have so much to thank for seeing and experiencing so many different places.

When I started traveling I had just graduated from college. Before that I mostly vacationed in Europe and my first vacation by plane was Turkey. Going on vacation is really different from traveling. When you travel you arrange everything yourself, from where to have breakfast to which bus to take to the next destination. Eating and drinking is an important part while traveling. After all, you do it at least three times a day! I always did eat mostly vegetarian while traveling, even when I was not a vegetarian.

But when in 2016 I switched completely to a plant-based diet, traveling became a little more challenging, because how can you eat vegan everywhere when it’s still in its infancy in most countries around the world? Or uber people look at you questioningly and say, yes, we have chicken and cheese. Which is totally understandable, because honestly, the fact that we can eat vegan is because we have it good and don’t have to think about whether we’ll have food on the table at all tomorrow.

So on Vegan Travel Life you will find a lot of information about vegan travel and travel in general. It’s very possible, but my biggest tip of all: make sure you always have access to a kitchen or have a good knife and nuts with you.

Enjoy all the information about travel and vegan travel!