The ultimate guide to vegan restaurants in Barcelona 2023

Vegan hotspots in Barcelona for every foodie

Are you looking for vegan restaurants in Barcelona? Then you’ve come to the right place!
Whether you like to fork over a marinated tempeh burger or are curious about all the culinary options in my favorite Spanish (Catalan) city, you can do it all. There are plenty of vegan restaurants in Barcelona or restaurants with vegan options where you can indulge your taste buds to your heart’s content. And new opportunities are added every week.

Living in Barcelona is really a treat for me, as you can imagine. And because I’m real about personal experience, I’ve tested every vegan restaurant in Barcelona (or vegan friendly restaurant) on this list myself, and if I haven’t, it’s listed and you can assume it’s on my long to-do list.

Because Barcelona is divided into barrios, I have made a selection made based on different neighborhoods and the closest metro stop. To make it so easy for you.

Eixample: vegan culinesse

vegan restaurants in Barcelona Roots & Rolls
vegan sushi at my favorite restaurant Roots & Rolls

Roots & Rolls

(Vegan restaurant – metro stop: Girona)
Definitely one of my favorite vegan restaurants in Barcelona! Danish Sandra and her Dutch husband wanted a plant-based restaurant but just a little different from the one you see in Barcalona. And as far as I’m concerned, they succeeded. The food is to die for and they also have delicious sushi with fantastic flavor combinations. But their jackfruit or bowls are also highly recommended. So just go there! This spacious restaurant near metro stop Girona, offers flavorful Asian cuisine and is also affordable.

Brunch and Cake

(Vegan options – subway stop: Universitat )
This café is immensely popular. And for good reason. There is something for everyone. It is always crowded here, but rest assured there is even a free cab service that will take you to another establishment when it is full.

Chez Kessler

(Vegan – subway stop: Passeig de Gràcia)
Want to eat a vegan cheese plate? Then you’ve come to the right place at Chez Kaizer. Small but nice restaurant. They also have tapas and all kinds of other delicious vegan dishes. You can go there for breakfast through dinner. One of the finer vegan restaurants in Barcelona.


(Vegan options – metro stop: Diagonal)
You guessed it, it’s all about the hummus! But rest assured you can also order couscous and other things here. Small and nice restaurant on a busy road, though you don’t notice much of that when you’re inside!


(Vegan options – metro stop: Universitat)
At this restaurant you eat Asian for a bargain. There are lots of vegan options on the menu and the air conditioning is best at the tables near the entrance.

Vegan restaurants in Barcelona
Relax on Sunday at Sunday Surf Café

Sunday’s Surf

(Vegan options – metro stop: Rocafort or Urgell)
Super-relaxed place for a coffee, breakfast or lunch. There are several options for vegans. The owners are avid surfers and you can see that not only in the name of the little restaurant. Lovely for a Sunday on the small patio.


(Vegan restaurant – metro stop: Girona or Verdaguer)
The food is delicious! Especially the Grilled cheese toast is incredible; you can’t leave here without having tried it. The atmosphere is quiet but can be busy on weekends. Service is sometimes a bit slow, but the food makes up for a lot. By the way, your dog is welcome too!

Ciutat Vell: El Born/Gotic: close and delicious

Vegan restaurants in Barcelona
The pizza @ The Green Spot

Green Spot

(Vegetarian restaurant with vegan options – metro stop: Barceloneta)
This vegetarian restaurant has many options as well as a good modern look. My favorites are the jackfruit nachos and the pizza! So delicious. They also have several organic vegan wines, which tap away in no time. Try the Menade Ruedo Verdejo Ecologica 2018! Do make reservations, they are often full!

Teresa Carles

(Vegetarian restaurant with vegan options – metro stop: Universitat)
Part of Flex & Kale with the same vibe but slightly more restaurant. Delicious menu del slides. Right in the center and close to Placa Cataluyna so when you have a break from shopping or crowded crowds. At the time of writing, there is no terrace outside.


(Vegetarian restaurant with vegan options – metro stop: Jaume I or Barceloneta)
Also a vegetarian restaurant with fantastic vegan options. The dishes are a little more culinary and adventurous than at Green Spot, so if you’re a little more into the food rather than the overall experience, Rasoterra is definitely recommended! The decor is cozy and convivial.

Vegan restaurants in barcelona
Hit the roof at Flex & Kale Universitat

Flex & Kale

(Vegan options – metro stop: Universitat)
You can’t leave Barcelona without visiting Flex & Kale. It is a bit hyped, I admit, but not entirely unjustified. The branch near Universitat (there’s also one in Born – get the Girlfriend bowl there!) has a lovely rooftop terrace with a vegetable garden you can sit around. So always ask for a spot upstairs by the terrace when it is open. The dishes are generally healthy and plenty of vegan options. I am a fan of the mushroom toast. The Flex & Kale salad is also very tasty. The smoothies are not really smoothies but more like popsicles in a smoothie glass, also delicious. There is also another branch in Born, when you eat here try the Girlfriend bowl. Very tasty!


(Vegan options: metro stop: Urquinaona)
I always get happy when I look at the interior of Buenaventura. It’s so cozy in the front, a bit more “efficient” in the back but the food is good quality and it’s a good place for a nice lunch and coffee. Currently temporarily closed

Enjoy Vegan

(Vegan restaurant – metro stop: Arc de Triomf) – update: PERMANENTly closed
This place was one of the first restaurants I ate something at when I was back in Barcelona for the first time after 16 years (last August 2018). I was walking around and stumbled upon this place. There is a cute little square with trees where you can sit. The food is not very special, but the people working there are very nice and the prices ok.

Cat Bar

(Vegan restaurant – metro stop: Jaume I)
And we have more vegan restaurants in Barcelona. The place for tasty burger and craft beer lovers in an alternative atmosphere. One of the few vegan restaurants in Barcelona with an extensive craft beer menu. They have so many different flavors, so you can try everything to your heart’s content. Ordering your food and beer is done at the counter.

vegan restaurants in Barcelona Vegetalia
The tastiest nachos with vegan cheese at Vegetalia Gotico

Vegetalia – Gotico

(Vegetarian restaurant with vegan options – metro stop: Jaume I)
Ok, this is where you MUST go when you want to eat nachos with vegan cheese and jalapenos. There is no better place than this at other vegan restaurants in Barcelona! I’ve been there several times now and the combination of the terrace ánd the nachos make it the ideal place to take a break after wandering around Gotic and Born. Delicious with a beer or wine! There are also Vegetalia’s in Born, Raval and Sarria.

Bun Bo

(Vegan options – metro stop: Jaume I)
This terrace is SO nice. Although don’t be too bothered by the tourists who pose smilingly in front of the wall mosaic of “the kiss. The menu is simple but all the food is delicious and they are open until late. Try the soup and ask for some extra spices! By the way, there are other branches in Raval, among others. I myself have not been there (yet), if you have been there, please let me know!

La Mezcla

(Vegan options – metro stop: Arc de Triomf)
Fancy a pizza? Then get a slice at La Mezcla. The vegan cheese is delicious and they have number of options to choose from!

Raval: raw edge


(Vegetarian restaurant with vegan options – metro stop: Sant Antoni)
Fine small vegetarian restaurant with good and friendly service. You can opt for an all vegan surprise menu or just separate from the menu. We chose the menu and it was delicious! Highly recommended!

Veggie Garden

(Vegan restaurant – metro stop: Liceu & Eixample: metro stop Universitat) For 10 euros you have a starter, main course, dessert and a beer, wine or water. No money right? Everything is vegan and you can choose from a variety of dishes. I usually choose the Indian options, but that’s because I’m just a fan of Indian food and curries. There are two branches. I’ve only been to the one near metro Universitat.

Vegetalia – Raval

(Vegetarian restaurant with vegan options – metro stop: Sant Antoni or Liceu)
Located in Raval but in a semi-idyllic spot with many trees still a nice place to sit. Vegetalia is completely vegetarian and there are many vegan options.


(Vegetarian restaurant with vegan options – metro stop: Placa Cataluyna)
Great place near the Ramblas and in Raval. So don’t get stuck on the ramblas but go down that little street and you will already be at BioCenter. Vega restaurant with lots of vegan options. There is a buffet where you can serve yourself. Don’t feel like it? Then you can also order from the menu!

El Jardi

(Vega options – metro stop: Liceu)
When you don’t really want to eat (although they have some options but you can’t really eat out here as a vegan) but want to cozy up for a drink, go to El jardi. Get away from the hustle and bustle and into a lush of green.

(Vegan restaurant – metro stop: Universitat or Placa Cataluyna)
Slightly tucked away in a side street near Placa Cataluyna on the border near Raval, this little restaurant is great place for a good lunch. Fresh interior and dedicated service eager to please. Food is ok, not very special but just tasty.

Gracia/Sagrada Familia: must do


(Vegan restaurant – metro stop: Diagonal) : PERMANENT closed
With a recognizable corporate identity incorporated from the restaurant to social media, Vacka is the place in Gracia for a fine burger. It can get pretty crowded here, so make sure you get there on time.

La Trocadero

(Vegan restaurant – metro stop: Sagrada Familia)
Did you just marvel at the Sagrada Familia? Then you must be getting hungry. Then go to La Trocadero one of the best vegan restaurants in Barcelona where you eat fast food. Here you will eat the Impossible burger and, of course, much more vegan fast food! I even took my parents and little brother (non-vegas) here after our visit to Sagrada Familia. “That tastes good though that fake burger, with sauce just like the real thing. How do they make that?” So yes, also approved by non-vegans.

Quinoa Bar

( Vegan options – subway stop: Joanic)
When you go for drinks and “steps” in Gracia and want to get a good base before 11:30 p.m., the quinoa bar is a godsend. In fact, they have a delicious vegan wrap. But even if you are not a night owl, this place is worth visiting. Beware: it can be very crowded because it is a cozy but teeny tiny joint.


(Vegan options – metro stop: Diagonal)
Barcelona has a lot of “casual” restaurants, mainly because life in Barcelona is mostly outdoors. But sometimes you really want to sit down and enjoy your food. You can do that at Gut. Not a vega or vegan restaurant but they have lots of vega(n) options and the food is delicious! Highly recommended! Book in advance (after 9 p.m. everything is full) or come early (before 9 p.m.).

La Vietnamita

(Vegan options – metro stop: Verdaguer)
Another Vietnamese. Small and cozy, that’s the best way to describe Vietnamita. The food is good and you can also take it with you and eat it somewhere in one of Gracia’s quaint squares. There are several branches. So you will also find a Vietnamita in Born, Sants Gervasi and Sant Antoni.

Cafe Camelia

(vegan options – metro stop: Fontana) : PERMANENT CLOSED
This vegetarian restaurant in Carrer Verdi – the street in Gracia – is tad cheesy, but SO cozy. Really a place to have a great lunch with girlfriends. There is a menu del dia and it is usually so filling that you don’t need to eat anything for the rest of the day (ok, until 7 p.m. then 😉 ).

Unfortunately Camelia Café has closed, but this spot is now home to Café Floh where they also have delicious vega and vegan options! The interior is a little smoother and hipper but still nice.

La Cervecería Clandestina

(Vegan options – metro stop: Sagrada Familia: metro stop Sant Pau | Dos de Maig or Encants )
Vegan tapas heaven! Arrive on time and you’ll have a spot on the small patio, but don’t fret if you don’t have a spot on the patio. Inside is also plenty of room to enjoy all the vegan tapas like Pimientos de Padrón as well as the Beyond Meat burger! Ask the staff about this. The menu is super vegan friendly and feel free to bring your friends who are not vegan. They even have kind of bitterball (yes, vegan!). They have a long list of all different kinds of beers. After all, it’s a cerveceria for a reason. Highly recommended.

vegan restaurants in Barcelona Veg World

Veg World

(Almost 100% vegan restaurant – metro stop: Joanic)
At this Indian topper, almost everything is vegan. Is in my top 5 vegan restaurants in Barcelona! During my trip in India , I was still a vegetarian so I was addicted to mango lassi. When I first got to Veg World, I was hoping…would they have it? Would they? And Yes! There is even a vegan Mango Lassi! You understand that of course I immediately attacked that. Veg World is also the right place for an Indian curry or dahl. If you want to socialize over a beer or wine, it’s better to do it somewhere else: Veg World Indai does not serve alcohol. But then after the delicious food, just dive into one of Gracia’s cozy bars. Problem solved. For example, at Chatelet.

El Viajo Almacen
(vegan options – subway stop: Joanic)
Are you a fan of Argentine empanadas? Then you’ve come to the right place. There are vegetarian and vegan empanadas. And if you have some meat eaters in your group, they too can choose what they want here.

Dolce Pizza y Los Veganos

(Vegan restaurant – metro stop: Joanic)
This vegan restaurant in Barcelona is not to be missed, according to my vegan friends here!Have you finished an empanada at El Viajo Almacen? Then go to have a nice pizza at Dolce Pizza y los Veganos! I haven’t been myself yet, but I hear good stories. Everything is vegan, delicious!

Chök Gracia
(Vegan options – subway stop: Fontana)
Chocolate lovers take note. This is the place for vegan sweet treats. Located on placa Virreina, here you can indulge in the most delicious sweet baked goods. You can take them with you or eat them inside along with a (vegan) cappucino or café con leche de soja/almendras/avena.

Gallo Santo

(Vegan restaurant – metro stop: Diagonal)
Craving Mexican food AND a cocktail? Then go to Gallo Santo. Be sure to try the taco with jackfruit here!


(Vegetarian restaurant with vegan options – metro stop: Verdaguer)
This vegetarian restaurant looks so nice inside! There is wonderful air conditioning (= nice in summer, really). There are plenty of vegan options and if you choose menu del dia you will have more than enough food! They have five branches. Check their website for all the spots.

Vegan Restaurants in Sants/PlacaEspana: do it like a local


(Vegan options – metro stop plaça de Sants or Hostafrancs or Sagrada Familia)
This little tent is so nice. No fuss, very local (read: TV and men with coffee quietly reading their morning paper) and no terrace outside. The best thing about this joint is that they have vegan crossaints (also with yes chocolate) and even vegan bocadillos (sandwiches). Perfect for breakfast, are you around here anyway? Then go for coffee on the terrace at plaza d’osca.

Lute Bar & Bowls

(Vegan options – metro stop: Placa de Sants or Mercat Nou)
Now that we are near Sants. Be sure to stop by Little Lute on Sundays around 7:00-21:00 pm. It’s not really for elaborate eating, but more some snacks like hummus. They also have affordable Gin Toni and fine wines. In summer everything is open so outside is inside and inside is outside. Especially locals come here, highly recommended!


(Vegan restaurant – metro stop: hostafrancs or Sants Estancio)
The owners make everything themselves and are SO friendly! They also do catering and the food is delicious. There is no terrace, but you can work fine here when you don’t have to be on wifi all the time.

KOBUTA ramen i més

(Vegan options – metro stop: Mercat Nou)
Want to eat the best ramen in Sants? Then go to Kobuta. The place is always bombastic, because the people who live in Sants know what they get here. The best windows! There is a vegan option and otherwise it is just a cozy place with a casual atmosphere. Don’t tell anyone else ;-).

Adis Ababa

(Vegan options – metro stop: Sants estacion)
Enjoy eating with your hands! You can at Ethiopian restaurant Adis Ababa. You can opt for the vegan menu here. Cozy casual atmosphere close to Sants Station.


(Vegan restaurant – metro stop: Les Corts)
Here you eat a delicious menu del día for less than 15 euros. Three courses and nice clean interior. They make everything vegan. The service is friendly and plenty of different types of dishes on the menu. Acquisition for Sants!

Barceloneta: vegan fish

BarCeloneta sangria bar

(Vegan restaurant – metro stop: Barceloneta)
Just done with the beach and hungry? Then head to BarCeloneta Sangria Bar. Here you will find vegan paella with a good sangria to go with it. It is a small restaurant but the times I came, there was always room. Great place in Barceloneta!

Sant Antoni: concentrated cozy

Santoni Cafe Vegana

(Vegan restaurant – metro stop: Universtitat)
Restaurant and bakery in one. Perfect for a quick bite. Bit alternative and small, fine if you are near Placa Cataluyna or Universitat. They also have vegan croissants, mind you…these are sweet. This is generally everywhere in Spain, so don’t expect to sink your teeth into a crossaint as we know them in the Netherlands. By the way, at the larger Mercadona’s they have vegan spelt crossaints!

Federal Cafe (Sant Antoni)

(Vegan options – metro stop: Poble-Sec or Sant Antoni)
Perfect if you want to work for a while and then have lunch or coffee. Er especially go upstairs, there is a nice rooftop terrace! There is also a Federal Café in Gotic but I personally like this one better and plus the roof terrace.

Quetzal Mexicana

(Vegan options – metro stop: Sant Antoni & Poble Sec)
Highly recommended on Tuesdays and Mondays because you can eat tacos at a hefty discount! Vegan, that is. The menu is packed with vegan options and the cheerful typical Mexican colors with patio complete the party. Oh well, also the mojitos are affordable here!

vegan restaurants in barcelona the juice house
The Juice House

The Juice House

(Vegan options – metro stop: Sant Antoni & Poble Sec)
Stylish and simple café for a coffee date or a nice cake. Have eaten menu del dia here several times and is fine but ask for salt and pepper. It can be a little bland at times.

Cafe Cometa

(Vegan options – metro stop: Sant Antoni & Poble Sec)
Perfect place for a coffee and lunch! Delicious on the terrace and there is (limited) choice for vegans and more for vegetarians.

Taranna Cafe

(Vegan options – metro stop: Sant Antoni & Poble Sec)- PERMANENTly closed
This is such a fun place! Especially the terrace is very cozy. Menu del dia and coffee is fine, but don’t come on Mondays, they are closed then!


(Vegan options – metro stop: Rocafort & Sant Antoni)
Come early for lunch because otherwise it is bomb packed with people wanting to eat Pho. Vietnamese street food style with options for vegans. I like spicy so for me the Pho was a bit on the bland side, but overall the portions are good!

Poblenou: the lunch spots for working Barcelona

There are not very many vegan restaurants in this part of Barcelona. Fortunately, you can find fine restaurants with vegan options.

Blu Bar

(Vegan – metro stop: Poblenou or Llacuna)
This really is by far my favorite vegan restaurants in Barcelona. The terrace, the patatas bravas, the burger everything is delicious! Also the desserts. I recommend this restaurant by default! And often take my visit to this as well. Should you be more in the mood for vegan fast food, the restaurant below might be a better option. Also, don’t forget to go to the beach after or before visiting Blu Bar. Is only a 5-minute walk away!

(Vegan – metro stop: Poblenou or Llacuna)
Complete vegan fast food but with a fine twist. The nachos are highly recommended here. Delicious! A bit on the expensive side though, but it’s super tasty. Take a seat in the back patio with the plants. There is also a terrace on the Rambla de Poblenou.

Leka Restaurante

(Vegan options – metro stop: Llacuna)
Fine restaurant with even finer food. The service helps you with a smile and is happy to explain what’s on the menu. There is always a vegan option for the menu del dia!


(Vegan optis – metro stop: Poblenou)
In a bit of a remote corner of Poblenou sits this cute little restaurant. The food is tasty but pricey for what you get. They also have a nice terrace!

El Quinto

(Vegan options – metro stop: Llacuna)
The terrace is the place to be at the restaurant. Although there are few places. Inside it is a bit impersonal but plenty of seating. The portions of menu del dia are large so be sure to ask if you can take it home.

vegan restaurants in Barcelona
This café is a must see when you are in Poblenou. SO cozy.

Espai Juliu

(Vegan options – metro stop: Llacuna)
This is such an incredibly nice place! It does not actually fall under vegan restaurants in Barcelona but here you can just have a coffee and work at the same time. Imagine yourself in a green oasis. Order your coffee and food at the bar and they will bring it to you. Also suitable for half-day work on your laptop.

Sopa Boronat

(Vegan options – metro stop: Glòries or Poblenou)
Been here several times by now. During lunch, the place is crowded because of all the people escaping their office walls to have lunch outside. Fortunately, the terrace is large so if you’re a little on time (before 1:30 p.m.) there’s bound to be room. There is a new menu del dia every day from which to choose with many vegan options. By the way, the coffee here is not so good.

Little Fern

(Vegan options – metro stop: Poblenou)
Not had breakfast yet? Then head to New Zealand café culture-based Little Fern for the acai bowl! Nice and creamy and as a Brazilian friend says, “it’s delicious, I love acai”.


(Vegan options – metro stop: Poblenou)
Not specifically vegan and there are no vegan options on the menu but they can make everything vegan when you choose menu del dia. Coffee is nice and nice place with air conditioning to work with your laptop for a while. Internet is fast and there are plenty of powerplugs!

Restaurante Koh

(Vegan options – metro stop: Llacuna)
Choose the curry! And don’t forget to take a look inside, this cute Asian restaurant in Poblenou is definitely worth a visit when you are in Poblenou. Just make sure you reach out to the right person to ask what is vegan. The guy who first helped us didn’t know anything. Whereas I just went to this restaurant on the recommendation of other vegans!

There are many more vegan restaurants in Barcelona that I want to try! And this list I will always keep updating with new finds.

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