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Always follow your dreams. Don’t push them away, because they will follow you just as much as you should follow them


Vegan Travel Life Danique Aaftink - photo taken by Iris Zaagman
Photo credits Iris Zaagman


Seeing the world, meeting people, gaining new insights about life. Dreaming to see the beauty of the earth. Experiencing people’s kindness and heartwarming hospitality. Wander around small streets of medieval hamlets and reflect on yourself.

Travel enriches. You as a person and therefore the world. For years I visited the most amazing countries. So I stood with my feet on a glacier in New Zealand, flattened myself with an amazing 10-day hike in the Nepalese Himalya, singing in a Mongolian desert, talking politics in Iran and enjoying the sun on a tropical beach in Colombia. And that’s just some of the amazing experiences I’ve had! Every day I squeeze my hands for all these valuable inspirations and experiences. They make me the way I am today.

That traveling makes you a stronger and – in my mind – more open minded person caused me to change my travel habits over time. That’s how I started traveling more consciously. No more just taking the plane for everything. AND no longer eat meat and dairy every day while traveling and at home. Actually, the latter was such a logical choice!

From vega to vegan

Even while in college, my love for animals and my student budget ensured that I didn’t really eat much meat or fish. But after learning more and more about how animals were treated AND that food these days is so full of all kinds of crap, I decided to become a vegetarian in 2013. A lot of people asked me: hey but how do you do that? Eating vegetarian and then also traveling? Together with my then-boyfriend, I therefore founded The Traveling Vegetarian in late 2015. But being a vegetarian is also a journey, which is why after many documentaries, websites and conversations, I became vegan later in the summer of 2016.

Positive vegan vibe!

One of the best choices ever! Of course, it is not always easy to live a vegan lifestyle anywhere in the world. This is why I often say to myself and others, “give yourself a break.” You don’t have to do it perfectly or be too strict. No one benefits when you sit depressed in a corner. Living completely 100% vegan anyway is a pipe dream (something to do with money and gelatin). It’s about living consciously and making conscious choices. Just be the positive vibe!

For me, eating vegan made me feel super good, lose pounds and notice in my whole body that it’s doing me good! Exercise is easier and my skin has also become calmer. And step by step, I replace all the products that are (easily) replaceable.

I like to take you through my journey: in plant-based eating, vegan lifestyle, (more sustainable) travel and recently something even more awesome!

Vegan Travel Life

Follow the Spanish dream

Always there was that little voice: I would like to live abroad. Something about Spanish. I knew that right away. The way of life, the climate and more enjoyment of being with people. Spain was also the very first country I went to on my own as a teenager. The love for the country has always remained, which is why this year I tied the knot and followed my dream: I live in Spain!

So not only do you get the inspiration, recipes and travel tips for countries worldwide but I also take you through my life here in Spain as a vegan. Wondering what it’s like to live as a vegan in Spain or other countries? Or want inspiration for tasty worldly recipes? Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or subscribe to the newsletter!


Founder Vegan Travel Life: Danique is een (parttime) digital nomad met een groen hart. Missie? Laten zien dat het makkelijker is dan je denkt om bewuster te eten en te reizen. Follow your dreams! Always. Plant-based sinds 2016.